LatAmOil Top Story archive

29 March 2017, Week 12, 656

Ecopetrol has revealed that Colombia has lost 893,000 barrels, or one day’s worth of the country’s production, this year alone because of rebel attacks on the Cano Limon-Covenas pipeline.

21 March 2017, Week 11, Issue 655

Brazil will offer three to four new areas in a pre-salt bid round this year and is preparing a schedule of rounds for the next five to 10 years.

14 March 2017, Week 10, Issue 654

A Brazilian court has overturned an injunction that had stopped Petrobras from selling its 90% stake in a gas transportation company in a deal worth around US$5.2 billion.

07 March 2017, Week 09, Issue 653

Mexico will hold two auctions every year from 2018 with a view to increasing foreign investment in the oil and gas sector, the Energy Ministry said last week.

28 February 2017, Week 08, Issue 652

Ecopetrol has revealed that its 1P reserves have dropped by 14% year on year, reflecting the recent decline in Colombian oilfield investment.

21 February 2017, Week 07, Issue 651

Enagas has announced it will invest US$320 million in its Chilean LNG project to meet the anticipated rapid growth in gas demand in South America.

07 February 2016, Week 05, Issue 649

Mexico faces increased uncertainty over its energy policy following a spat between the US and Mexican presidents, with natural gas supply viewed as being at particular risk.

31 January 2017, Week 04, Issue 648

Total has said it intends to invest US$500 million per year in developing shale resources in Argentina.

24 January 2017, Week 03, Issue 647

Cuba, Mexico and the US have signed an agreement ending a dispute over which country owns the potentially oil-rich Eastern Gap in the Gulf of Mexico.

17 January 2017, Week 02, Issue 646

Brazil anticipates booking US$1.4 billion in signing fees from drillers this year as it holds a series of new bid rounds, according to Energy Minister Fernando Coelho Filho.

10 January 2017, Week 01, Issue 645

Colombia’s state-run Ecopetrol has made a total of US$900 million by divesting non-strategic assets over the last two years.

20 December 2016, Week 50, Issue 644

Petrobras has signed off on a US$5 billion loan from China Development Bank following the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in February.

29 November 2016, Week 47, Issue 641

Argentina’s state-run energy company YPF reached an agreement last week with its Malaysian counterpart, Petronas, to move forward with a shale oil project in the Vaca Muerta play.

22 November 2016, Week 46, Issue 640

Argentina’s state retirement and pension fund, ANSES, is to finance the construction of a US$85 million pipeline to move oil out of the Vaca Muerta shale play.

15 November 2016, Week 45, Issue 639

Royal Dutch Shell could invest US$10 billion in deepwater projects off the coast of Brazil over the next five years, as the country’s oil sector becomes more open to private investment.