Togtoh capacity rises to 6,720 MW

8 March 2017
07 March 2017 Week 09 Issue 397

China now boasts the world’s biggest coal-fired TPP after two more units went into operation to increase the overall generating capacity of the Togtoh complex in Inner Mongolia to 6,720 MW, a report said.

The plant’s capacity is bigger than the combined power output of Myanmar and Cambodia.

Togtoh reached its new capacity with the addition of two 660-MW ultra-supercritical units, Chinese analysts Fenwei Energy said.

The complex of ten units will burn about 17 million tonnes of coal annually, drawn from adjacent mines, Fenwei said.

Togtoh is owned and operated by China Datang, one of the country’s five biggest state-owned power generators.

The massive power complex has gone into full operation as the Beijing central government restates its claim to be reducing coal’s share in the country’s energy mix.

Twelve provincial governments have set targets for reducing “excess coal capacity” this year, the China Securities Journal said.

“At the same time, the [central] government will suspend or eliminate no less than 50 GW (50,000 MW) of coal-fired power generation capacity,” the Journal said, quoting  Premier Li Keqiang in a report to the National People’s Congress on March 5.

But China will face a tough year to cut coal capacity in 2017, the deputy head of the China National Coal Association Jiang Zhimin was quoted by Fenwei as saying. “Last year some of the coal mines involved in capacity cuts were already idle or operating at half capacity. However, the coal mines involved this year are all running at normal capacity,” Jiang said.

Togtoh is an example of government policy to close coal-fired TPPs and mines in dense urban areas in a bid to reduce air pollution.v

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