China Smart Manufacturing – Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Summit

17 September 2018 to 19 September 2018
Peak Events
Oil & Gas

The goal of Industry 4.0 is to establish a highly flexible production mode of personalized and digitalized products and services. It is considered an effective way to help realize the strategy of "Made in China 2025".

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry is a main focus in the strategy of "Made in China 2025". Currently, with the concept of Industry 4.0, the digitalization of China Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry has been widely carried out, it mainly focus on big State Owned Companies like SINOPEC, CNPC and CNOOC, which already started some pilot projects to advance the industry digitalization in different stage. Main topics in 2018:    China Smart Manufacturing 2025 Policies & Trend: IoT & Digitalization — Oil, Gas & Petrochemical    Smart Manufacturing 2.0 Pilot Project Updrade - AI (Artificial Intelligence)    Show real case studies——Optimizing Refinery Operations through Integrated Management of IoT and Refinery IT    How AI & Blockchain Will Change the Refining & Petrochemical Industry    Oil & Gas Downstream Digitalization: IOT, Big Data & Cyber Security    Opportunities from Refining & Petrochemical Smart Manufacturing 2.0