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Some time before the end of this century electricity will have completely replaced oil as the energy source for all transportation. Cars, trucks, trains, shipping, even aircraft, will be powered in one way or another by electricity.

The change when it arrives, will be as profound as the change from horse and cart to steam, and from steam to oil, but it depends on the creation of an entirely new ecosystem of technology, infrastructure, regulation, finance and natural resources. Electrans has been created to cover the growth of the ecosystem.

Over the coming decades, we will see a constant stream of engineering and market innovation. There will be major breakthroughs, and many dead ends and diversions.

We believe that every corporation, government and individual involved in the transportation industry needs to be aware of how this truly vast new market is developing in its miscellany of parts. Many thousands of billions of dollars of value are on the table.

To serve this need we have launched the Electrans website focussed on the Electric Transportation market. it will cover what's happening in Electric Transportation, why, and what will happen next. Electrans will focus on technology, tempered by an understanding of finance, politics and markets.

Click here to visit the Electrans site: http://www.electrans.co.uk/



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