Japan Liquid Power Special Report

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Japan uses more Liquids to generate power than any economy apart from Saudi Arabia – 1% of global Liquids demand in 2012.

What will happen to Japan’s Liquids demand if, or when, Japan restarts more of its idled nuclear power plant? What will be the track of Japan’s overall power demand? What will renewables do to Japan’s Liquids-to-Power industry? What will those changes mean for the global Liquids system?

The answers are a bigger story than China’s demand change this year, and until now have been largely overlooked by the market.

NBR's Japan Liquid Power Special Report will give you a data-driven analysis of Japan’s oil-fired generation landscape through to 2030, alongside an overview of its nuclear debate and an understanding of how the two interact. It will forewarn you of the timing and magnitude of the impact of significant shifts in Japan’s energy mix on global oil prices.

Topics covered in the report include:

  • Japan's changing power generation mix
  • The role of solar and other renewables
  • The nuclear debate and rate of reactor return
  • An analysis of the Japanese economy’s Power Intensity
  • A forecast of its total power generation requirement
  • The effect of EVs on Japan’s power demand

And finally, the effect of Japan’s Liquids-to-Power demand on global oil market equilibrium.

Edited by

Andrew Kemp


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