Mexico Deepwater Special Report

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Mexico is preparing for its first ever deepwater auction. The bid round has been highly anticipated since the liberalisation of the country’s energy sector was announced and the Round One tender process began last year.

The government intends to hold the auction in the second half of 2016, though the oil price crash could delay the launch until early 2017. While timing remains opaque, the scale of the opportunity on offer is very clear. 

Ten blocks are on offer that the authorities believe could attract investment of up to US$44 billion. 

NewsBase’s Mexico Deepwater Special Report analyses the acreage, as well as the bid rules and tender terms that have been presented by the authorities. It considers Mexico’s handling of the Round One process to date and the lessons learnt by the government and regulator.

Local content rules are a major factor for potential bidders and are considered in detail, as is the role of state-run Pemex in the process.

The report is an invaluable guide to the risks and opportunities presented by Mexico’s deepwater bid round. It features exclusive insight from the Energy Ministry, the regulator and a broad range of industry experts. The report was compiled in Mexico City by NewsBase’s well-connected team of analysts.

Edited by

Ryan Stevenson

Managing Editor

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