Mexico Energy Reform Special Briefing

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This briefing analyses the radical changes under way in Mexico’s oil and gas industry as it opens up to private investment for the first time in over seven decades. The briefing assesses the legislative changes that have been drawn up and the challenges that remain in implementing them. It forecasts investment trends in shale and deepwater development and considers which companies might bid in the first block tenders that are scheduled for 2015. The briefing contains expert and exclusive analysis from NewsBase Research, the Centre for Economic and Teaching Research (CIDE) and Mexican energy consultants.


Table of Contents:


CHAPTER 1• Overview of Mexico’s structural reforms

The liberalisation of Mexico’s energy sector has stirred up interest amongst foreign investors, but risks remain regarding implementation of the new laws

CHAPTER 2• Energy reform legislative process

After a bumpy start there has been rapid legislative progress, culminating in the passing of the secondary laws in August

CHAPTER 3• Impact on deepwater production

A key focus of the reform is to open up Mexico’s deepwater to development

CHAPTER 4• Impact and potential on shale and natural gas

The shale gale in the US has spurred hopes that a similar boom in unconventionals could be achieved in Mexico although above ground conditions are considerably different

CHAPTER 5• What next?

The laws governing the energy reform have been passed at an impressive pace. Their implementation will be tricky and take longer

Edited by

Ryan Stevenson

Managing Editor

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