NRG – the NewsBase Round-up of Global energy issues – is a monthly overview that we hope will further increase the value you derive from subscribing to NewsBase. NRG covers developments from all global energy regions and sectors, and brings you the "best of the best" (as selected by our editors) from each of the previous month's weekly publications.

The global nature of the energy industry means that no episode happens in isolation and we hope that NRG will help to tie up events around the world in one single monthly issue.

  • Commentary – NRG consists of 14 commentaries – picked from each of our regional publications, as well as our two global publications (GLNG and UOGM). NRG attempts to pull together the most interesting and important stories from the previous month into one issue. These include interviews with leading industry figures and analysts, major developments across all regions and stories that could have a significant impact on international energy trade, foreign investment and relations between governments and oil and gas companies. 
  • Global perspective – A major international event – such as the Ukraine crisis of 2014 – is often reported across a number of our publications as it has implications for the energy sector beyond just one region. For instance, in the case of Ukraine, the situation affected not only Russia’s relations with its neighbours, but also led to calls for the US to start LNG exports to Europe, and demonstrated once again how the North American shale boom has the potential to shape global energy dynamics – even if doubts remain over the near-term potential of US LNG exports to Europe. Such an event can often be examined from a variety of angles by each of our publications, and NRG allows for these multiple aspects to be presented in a single issue. 

NRG aims to provide a summary not only of what is happening in the energy sector across all regions, but why – in particular when developments are being influenced by dynamics in other regions – as well as striving to anticipate future developments.

Please note, it is NOT possible to subscribe to NRG. It is, however, an additional service we provide to our existing subscribers.

Edited by

Anna Kachkova


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