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Our country-by-country power analyses describe in rigorous detail the power generation and power demand picture for an economy. 



Our Power Forecasts include:

  • a demand growth analysis and forecast which includes peak load analysis, a GDP growth analysis and forecast,
  • a description of how the power market is regulated, priced and structured, details and forecasts of power generation by fuel and sector (gas, oil, coal, nuclear, wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass),
  • summary details of interconnectors and power trades,
  • a report on how an economy approaches foreign investors, and;
  • a forecast of how an economy is likely in reality to solve, or not solve, its power demand growth problems.

This analysis is based on rigorous research into the economy’s actual plant (installed and planned).  Each report contains a comprehensive plant list with capacities, locations, owners, fuels and switching possibilities, down to (usually) 10 MW.  

Data is cross-checked, de-duplicated and removes vapourware.  An average report covers 15-20 pages and a supporting Excel spreadsheet of data.

The Power Forecasts will ensure you are equipped with the accurate information and analysis to make the right decision for your company.

You can rely on the quality of our Power Forecast because:

  • Our Forecasts are cross-checked and verified plant-lists make a clear sound foundation for analysis
  • Proprietary analysis of GDP trends creates a robust and balanced forward GDP forecast
  • Proprietary analysis of Power Intensity generates clear robust projections of demand and loads
  • Experienced analysts provide realistic and un-hyped views of how decision-makers will actually react to pressures
  • Our power reports are concise, precise and incisive – the big picture made clear in one place

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