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We know you’ve got a story to tell. We’re here to help you bring it to life.  We’ll take your goals and your vision, and using our unique experience and expertise tailor a comprehensive program to drive your message to your target audience.

Through thought leadership campaigns and lead-generation efforts, we craft the creative program that gives you the most effective result.


Generating Thought Leadership Content for the Energy Industry


Benefits of Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership enhances your company’s reputation as an authority within your industry. Generating engaging and thought-provoking content will put you ahead of your competitors and is an effective way to ensure potential clients are attracted to your brand.

How we can help

As an experience partner to blue chip companies’ Thought Leadership strategies, NewsBase (NB) has the expertise and resources to create and promote engaging energy content with a real business value. As a leading energy intelligence provider, we have created unique and insightful content for the energy industry for over 20 years and we can help you join the conversation, providing you with a market-ready Thought Leadership resource. NB always puts you and your company’s requirements at the centre of every Thought Leadership collaboration. Our content provides a solid foundation on which you can build your key message to reach new audiences.

Three ways we can add value:

  1. Provide energy-specific Commentary and Analysis to feature in your industry market reports or briefings;
  2. Co-author a Special Report with you covering a particular energy topic, with you or your company managing the editing process;
  3. Author a Special Report commissioned by you covering a particular energy topic, with NB managing the editing process.

Why NewsBase?

Our mission is to generate content with proven real business value.

NB has:

  • The resource to save you and your company time and effort, ensuring your fee earning staff are kept doing just that!
  • Vast industry knowledge and experience in writing commentary and analysis on the energy and power sectors.
  • Thorough research capabilities, providing a 360 view of energy related topics.
  • Excellent editorial skills.
  • Extensive network and existing captive audience – we have a database of over 24,000 contacts and multiple social media channels with engaged following.


Collaborating to create high quality co-authored or special reports

The key to implementing an effective Thought Leadership strategy is firstly to consider your audience, and secondly to generate content that will engage them by adding real business value – NB can assist in both steps of the process.

Having provided trusted and valued content from across the energy value chain since 1995, NB is well-positioned to write, manage and edit reports based on client specifications. We can also advise on which topics might be of most interest and most engaging to your audience. 

We have covered, but are not limited to, topics such as:

  • Overview and analysis of a specific country’s energy sector;
  • Geopolitical risk;
  • Project financing;
  • Infrastructure and construction;
  • Transportation and logistics (including alternative fuels, such as gas or electricity);
  • Trade flows and market trends.

We will consult closely with you to ensure the content matches your specifications and you get exactly what you want. Special Reports are typically in the region of 20-24 pages, consisting of a front cover, contents page, introduction, then 6-9 commentaries each of around 1,000 words. NB also provides graphs and images, and manages the layup and editing process.

Upon completion of the Special Report, you will have complete ownership – the report can be marketed as you please.

Previously our Special Report partners have:

  • Emailed campaign to their client base;
  • Distributed it via press/PR contacts;
  • Captured a new audience through social media by creating a landing page on their website for users to fill in their details and receive a free copy of the report;
  • Organised a launch event for the Report and invited clients and contacts


“Do you have enough quality content online for prospects to make an informed decision about your company and your services?”


Additional marketing support for your Thought Leadership content strategy

NB can email the report to the 24,000+ users in its database:

  • Email will contain a link to an online edition of report.
  • NB can track the number of email opens and the number of report downloads (link clicks).
  • NB can also provide the client with a list of companies from which an individual has downloaded the report. NB cannot provide details of individual users, nor the number of people within an organisation that has downloaded the report, due to data protection.
  • The email itself will also contain a banner advert at the top, content of which to be determined by the client.
  • An example of some of the companies NB supplies can be found on overleaf.

Inside cover A4 advert in Special Report, NewsBase Monitors and InnovOil

  • Page two advert to run on the inside cover of the Special Report
  • sent to 24,000+ users on NB database.
  • Page two advert for the client to also run on the inside cover of the relevant NB Monitor publications.
  • The advert will also feature in an edition of monthly publication InnovOil, published to 22,000 readers.
  • Content of the adverts to be determined by the client.


Social Media support

  • NB would publicise the Special Report to its 7k+ LinkedIn followers and group members, 11k+ OilPro followers, 5k+ Twitter followers and 2k+ Facebook followers.
  • NB can also support the client with liking / re-tweeting any posts you put out about the report.

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