AfrElec Top Story archive

09 August 2017, Week 31, Issue 116

CAMC Engineering (CAMCE) of China has signed an agreement with Kenya’s Energy Ministry for the construction of the 285-km Garissa-Isiolo transmission line and associated substations.

02 August 2017 Week 30 Issue 115

Egyptian energy authorities reported last week that despite an increase in government-set prices, consumption of electricity by 7% year on year in July

26 July 2017 Week 29 Issue 114

Eskom managed to increase revenues by 4.9% to 177 billion rand (US$11.7 billion) in the year to March, although its debt burden rose by over 50% from 6 billion rand (US$395 million) to 9.4-billion...

19 July 2017 Week 29 Issue 113

Nigeria’s hopes of developing nuclear energy to resolve its electricity crisis took a knock last week.

12 July 2017, Week 27, Issue 112

Tanzania’s parliament has approved two key draft laws which, if enacted, will have far-reaching ramifications on the ownership structure of coal mining and power generation project. The moves come...

05 July 2017 Week 26 Issue 111

Madagascar’s state-owned utility, Jirama (Jiro sy Rano Malagasy), is to benefit from fresh donor funds, after it was left reeling in the wake of droughts undermining electricity output.

28 June 2017 Week 25 Issue 110

Portuguese engineering company Efacec has won a US$11.14 million contract to build two substations in Bissau, the capital of Guinea-Bissau, that will double the city’s available grid capacity.

21 June 2017 Week 24 Issue 109

The long-delayed 4,800-MW Inga 3 Dam was hit with another setback last week after the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo asked the Chinese and Spanish consortium's competing to develop...

31 May 2017 Week 21 Issue 106

Cote d’Ivoire is looking to harness more solar energy to support its overburdened electricity grid.

12 April 2017, Week 14, Issue 99

Ethiopia announced last week that Sudan had agreed to raise its electricity imports once the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is completed next year. Electricity will be received via a 500-...

22 March 2017, Week 11 Issue 96

The Kenyan government and the developers of 310-MW Lake Turkana wind farm remain at odds, with both parties accusing the other of breaking investment agreements and failing to install essential...

01 February 2017 Week 04 Issue 89

Cameroon is to invest 70 billion CFA francs (US$115.1 million) to complete the Lom Pangar Dam and its associated 30-MW hydropower plant (HPP).

25 January 2017, Week 03, Issue 088

Italian developer Energy Resources Group has been picked as one of the 18 bidders prequalified for the construction of two solar projects in Ethiopia with a collective capacity of 200 MW.

18 January 2017, Week 02, Issue 087

France’s Engie has announced it will team up with Senegal’s National Renewable Energies Agency (ANER) to accelerate the development of renewables.

17 August 2016, Week 32, Issue 067

Tanzania Electric Supply Co. (TANESCO) allocated US$205 million from its 2016-17 budget to improve and extend its power distribution infrastructure.