Anadarko marks Algerian gains

07 February 2017, Week 05, Issue 675

Anadarko Petroleum reported gross production from its Algerian assets had reached 404,000 boepd in the fourth quarter, the highest quarterly average achieved since 2009. The amount was up by 20,000 boepd year on year, which the company said had come from US$43 million of investment during 2016. 

The company, in its operational update published on January 31, singled out its El Merk facility as having contributed more than 160,000 boepd. Meanwhile, the Hassi Berkine South (HBNS) project achieved rates of around 118,000 bpd during the fourth quarter. 

Sales volume from Algeria, for Anadarko, showed less of an increase, though, reaching 76,000 boepd during the quarter. This was up 4,000 boepd from the previous quarter. The company’s share was actually less than reported in the first quarter of 2015, when Anadarko reported 77,000 boepd of sales volumes from 365,000 boepd of gross production. 

Results from El Merk and HBNS suggest the company’s third project in Algeria, Ourhoud, produced at 126,000 boepd, down slightly from 130,000 boepd in the third quarter. The three projects are spread over two blocks, Block 404A and Block 208. They have nameplate capacity of 500,000 boepd. 

El Merk started up in 2013, Ourhoud in 2002 and HBNS in 1998. 



The US company also reported production from Ghana’s TEN project had averaged 46,000 bpd during the quarter, reaching 54,000 bpd in December. Output at Jubilee, meanwhile, averaged 78,000 bpd in the three-month period. Average production at Jubilee in 2017 is expected to be 68,500 bpd, as the facility will be shutdown for up to 12 weeks.