Astana dishes out more clean energy capacity

07 June 2018, Week 22, Issue 913

Kazakhstan has held another round of tenders for renewable energy projects, under plans to auction off a total of 1 GW of clean energy capacity this year.

In a competition on May 31, the Kazakh energy ministry offered up 20 MW of hydroelectric capacity, attracting eight bids from local developers. The starting price in the auction was set at 16,710 tenge (US$50.05) per MWh, although the bids accepted were all lower than this.

According to the ministry, Zharyk Energo was selected to build 8.6 MW of capacity at a price of 12,800 tenge (US$38.30) per MWh, while a company called Bekzat secured rights for 7 MW at 13,130 tenge (US$39.30). WEC Tolkyn won 2 MW of capacity with a bid of 13,680 tenge (US$41) per MWh, while Gidroservis secured 3 MW at 15,190 tenge (US$45.50). The awarded capacity will be installed in the regions of northern and southern Kazakhstan.

The energy ministry launched a second tender on June 4, handing 5 MW of biogas capacity to Kaz Green Energy at a price of 32,150 tenge (US$96.30). Under the terms of the auction, the capacity can be installed anywhere in Kazakhstan.

The following day, the ministry held another competition offering 10 MW of wind power generation in southern Kazakhstan. It ended up awarding closer to 15 MW of capacity, however. The winners were Alcor Energy, which agreed to build 4.65 MW of capacity at 22,650 tenge (US$67.80) per MWh, and Vostok Veter, which secured 10 MW at 22,660 tenge (US$67.80).

Kazakh authorities aim to offload at least 1 GW of renewable capacity in 2018, including 290 MW of solar, 620 MW of wind, 75 MW of hydroelectric and 15 MW of biomass generation. They plan to launch a second series of tenders in early October. The competitions held so far have been heralded as successes, often oversubscribing. However, the awards have largely gone to local companies rather than international developers.

Kazakhstan had 2,901 MW of installed renewable capacity at the end of 2017. Hydroelectric power plants (HPPs) accounted for 2,703 MW of this volume, while wind capacity totalled 112 MW and solar 59 MW. According to the energy ministry, 1.1 million MWh of power was generated from clean energy sources in 2017, up 22% year in year. The target for 2018 is 1.7 million MWh.

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