ChinaOil Top Story archive

18 April 2019, Week 15, Issue 739

A ban on hydraulic fracturing is still in force in parts of China’s Sichuan Province – the epicentre of the country’s shale gas industry – almost two months after several earthquakes hit the area...

11 April 2019, Week 14, Issue 738

Australia’s Woodside Petroleum and China’s ENN Group signed a 10-year LNG supply deal at a conference in Shanghai, expanding on a co-operation agreement the two sides reached in 2018.

04 April 2019, Week 13, Issue 737

Beijing Gas Group (BGG) enjoyed a double-digit gain in revenue last year, helped by China’s coal-to-gas conversion push for rural households as well as stronger sales to power plants.

28 March 2019, Week 12, Issue 736

China is poised to expand its shale gas exploration activities in the southwestern and central part of the country in an effort to provide meaningful data to oil and gas companies for future...

19 March 2019, Week 10, Issue 734

China’s national oil companies (NOCs) and other large state-owned enterprises (SOEs) will have to surrender more of their profits to the government to help pay for tax cuts, the chief of...

07 March 2019, Week 09, Issue 733

State-run PetroChina intends to spend billions on ramping up natural gas production at Chongqing municipality over the next few years.

28 February 2019, Week 08, Issue 732

Saudi Arabia will invest another US$10 billion in China’s refining and petrochemicals sector, this time in a partnership with state-owned military equipment manufacturer China North Industries...

14 February 2019, Week 06, Issue 730

State-run Sinopec revealed last week that output from its Shengli oilfield was well ahead of its target in 2018, with natural gas in particular overshooting by almost a third.

07 February 2019, Week 05, Issue 729

The Sulige South block in northern China pumped a record 2.24 bcm of gas in 2018, operator China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) revealed on February 1. This marked an 11% increase on the field’s...

31 January 2019, Week 04, Issue 728

The Chinese government intends to incorporate a national pipeline company in the first half this year – a long-awaited state-owned enterprise (SOE) that will operate the country’s oil and gas...

24 January 2019, Week 03, Issue 727

China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC) has started using its own LNG carrier to ship LNG to its customers in remote regions via inland rivers.

17 January 2019, Week 02, Issue 726

China will increase its refinery runs by 4.6% to 634.3 million tonnes (12.74 million bpd) in 2019, state-owned China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) has forecast.

10 January 2019, Week 01, Issue 725

China National Petroleum Corp.’s (CNPC) foreign production sharing partners have significantly increased their output, exceeding 10 million tonnes of oil equivalent (200,000 boepd) in 2018.

06 December 2018, Week 48, Issue 722

The Chinese government intends to trim the size of shale gas blocks awarded to independent developers during the second shale auction in 2012, after the winners universally failed to meet their...

29 November 2018, Week 47, Issue 721

Daqing Oilfield produced 30.87 million tonnes of oil equivalent (829,000 boepd) from its domestic and foreign operations in the first nine months of the year, Xinhua reported on November 28.