ChinaOil Top Story archive

14 December 2017, Week 49, Issue 673

China’s headlong dash for gas has turned into a logistical nightmare for central and local governments as well as the country’s state energy majors, which have been caught without enough of the...

07 December 2017, Week 48, Issue 672

State-owned China Energy Reserve and Chemicals (CERCG) has withdrawn its A$430 million (US$325.4 million) takeover offer for Australia’s AWE.

30 November 2017, Week 47, Issue 671

Russia held its spot as largest oil exporter to China for the eighth consecutive month in October, data released last week by the Chinese General Administration of Customs (GAC) show. Russia’s...

23 November 2017, Week 46, Issue 670

China’s crude oil production has continued to fall this year on the back of reduced development spending at mature onshore fields as well as natural declines at offshore projects.

16 November 2017, Week 45, Issue 669

China surprised energy markets twice over the past week, hiking the crude import quotas for independent refiners by more than anticipated and also doling out unexpectedly generous fuel export...

9 November 2017, Week 43, Issue 667

The third-quarter rise in profits announced by China’s three national oil companies (NOCs) coupled with higher crude prices will lead to increased capital expenditure in 2018, a report said.

02 November 2017, Week 43, Issue 667

China’s commercial stockpiles of diesel fell to a 10-month low in September as an oversupply of fuel on the domestic market continued to ease, state-run news service Xinhua said on October 27.

26 October 2017, Week 42, Issue 666

State-run Sinochem has reportedly tapped three banks to work on a potential Hong Kong listing of its oil assets.

19 October 2017, Week 40, Issue 664

China’s purchases of crude oil for the sake of building its stocks have helped ease the oil market towards balance, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said in this month’s Oil Market Report. ...

12 October 2017, Week 40, Issue 664

The Sri Lankan government last week rejected a proposal by a Chinese consortium to build a 100,000 bpd refinery near the southern port of Hambantota, which is slated to be a strategic piece in...

05 October 2017, Week 39, Issue 663

Sinopec is set to become the second state-run Chinese major after PetroChina to enter the retail fuel market in Singapore. It has purchased two properties in the city state since the beginning of...

28 September 2017, Week 38, Issue 662

The Sri Lankan government revealed last week that it was considering a Chinese bid for the construction of a new oil refinery on the southern coast of the island.

21 September 2017, Week 37, Issue 661

While Canada’s Alberta Province has been making enthusiastic noises about the attractiveness of its oil and gas plays to potential Asian partners, enthusiasm for British Columbia’s LNG sector has...

14 September 2017, Week 36, Issue 660

CEFC China Energy, a Shanghai-based oil and financial conglomerate, has snapped up a stake in Russia’s biggest oil producer, Rosneft, in a deal worth US$9.1 billion.

07 September 2017, Week 35, Issue 659

State-run Sinopec has made a shale gas discovery in Chongqing City, in southwest China, according to the company’s website.