ChinaOil Top Story archive

31 August 2017, Week 34, Issue 658

A three-year investigation by Chinese prosecutors has resulted in charges against the Singapore office of Swiss trader Trafigura and a Beijing-based staff member with allegations of fabricating...

24 August 2017, Week 33, Issue 657

China Offshore Oil Engineering Corp. (COOEC), a subsidiary of China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC), said last week that it had completed the last two core kit modules for the Yamal LNG plant...

17 August 2017, Week 31, Issue 656

Chinese independents are building their own LNG terminals in order to access imports directly, as China’s energy industry continues to liberalise. 

10 August 2017, Week 31, Issue 655

CNOOC’s Bozhong 28-2 South oil deposit had yielded more than 10 million cubic metres (62.9 million barrels) of crude by the end of July as the result of water flooding technology implemented by...

03 August 2017, Week 30, Issue 654

China has continued to import more crude oil this year, but recently published data show that the increase has benefited the US more than OPEC.

27 July 2017, Week 29, Issue 653

China’s crude oil imports are set to top 400 million tonnes (8 million bpd) this year, a senior Sinopec Group official told Reuters this week.

20 July, Week 28, Issue 652

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and National Energy Administration (NEA) unveiled ambitious plans last week to expand and upgrade China’s oil and gas pipeline network over...

13 July, Week 27, Issue 651

Sinopec’s Fuling shale concession now holds proven gas reserves of more than 600 bcm after the NOC uncovered more than 220 bcm during the last month, China Daily reported on July 11.

06 July, Week 26, Issue 650

China’s long-standing drive to increase consumption of natural gas received a shot in the arm this week after Qatar announced plans to expand its LNG exports by 30%.

29 June, Week 25, Issue 649

Investors and credit rating agencies were united this week in their belief that a new pricing mechanism for urban gas distribution would be good news for Chinese city gas distributors – or at...

22 June, Week 24, Issue 648

China’s coal-to-liquids (CTL) and coal-to-gas (CTG) programmes have made progress with the opening of a US$4.2 billion plant in Inner Mongolia, built by a private power company.

15 June 2017, Week 23 Issue 647

Hong Kong-listed MIE Holdings has said it will buy CQ Energy Canada Partnership’s assets for C$722 million (US$544.1 million) as Chinese capital continues to flood into the North American country...

08 June 2017, Week 22 Issue 646

China’s Zhejiang Hengyi Group aims to finish building a US$3.4 billion refinery in Brunei in October 2018, with start-up slated for 2019.

01 June 2017, Week 21 Issue 645

Chinese equity fund Fosun International has reportedly emerged as one of the frontrunners to buy Australasian upstream assets offered for sale by Sydney-listed Origin Energy, Reuters reported on...

25 May 2017, Week 20 Issue 644

Shale gas development in China is expected to benefit from an overall boost in capital expenditure by state-run PetroChina and Sinopec this year.