ChinaOil Top Story archive

21 July 2016, Week 28 Issue 602

China witnessed a 4.6% slide in crude output in the first six months of the year, following steps taken by producers to shut down fields with “no hope” of making profits at current prices.

14 July 2016, Week 27 Issue 601

Another coal-bed methane (CBM) developer operating in China has reported growth in output.

30 June 2016, Week 25 Issue 599

An unnamed Chinese company is expected to start laying one of the final sections in the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline within the next couple of months, a senior Pakistani government official...

23 June 2016, Week 24 Issue 598

Hilong Petroleum Offshore Engineering has won its first offshore services contract outside Chinese waters, sealing a deal to install jackets at a gas development in Indonesia.

16 June 2016, Week 23 Issue 597

Greece’s Dynagas signed a shipbuilding contract last week with Hudong-Zhonghua, a Shanghai-based shipbuilder that is the largest shipbuilding group in China, on the construction of two...

09 June 2016, Week 22 Issue 596

Japan has lodged a protest with the Chinese Embassy over China’s gas field development in the East China Sea, it said late last week.

02 June 2016, Week 21 Issue 595

Malaysia’s state-owned Petronas has won an extension to its LNG supply contract with China’s JOVO and has pledged to expand its presence in the Chinese market further.

19 May 2016, Week 19 Issue 593

China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) is to finance the entire Gwadar LNG terminal and pipeline project in Pakistan after the Islamabad government failed to deliver its agreed financial share, a...

12 May 2016, Week 18 Issue 592

Allowing independent refineries to import and process crude oil will have a disruptive effect on China’s oil industry, creating the first company with more than 100 billion yuan (US$15.4 billion)...

28 April 2016, Week 16 Issue 590

Russia’s Yamal LNG project will receive US$10 billion in financing from Chinese lenders in May, a senior China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) executive told reporters on April 21.

21 April 2016, Week 15, Issue 589

A private Chinese energy firm is to buy a controlling stake in a division of Kazakhstan’s national oil company (NOC) KazMunaiGas, giving it access to facilities and a retail network in Europe. Oil...

14 April 2016, Week 14, Issue 588

Residents in the Kyaukphyu district of Myanmar’s Rakhine State are believed to have taken to the streets on April 11 demanding compensation from China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) for land they...

07 April 2016, Week 13, Issue 587

A Chinese ship and its three-man crew are being held by Vietnamese authorities following an alleged intrusion into disputed South China Sea waters last week, Vietnamese state media have confirmed...

31 March 2016, Week 12, Issue 586

China was unable to clinch a deal to supply fuel to Nepal during Nepalese Prime Minister K P Oli’s maiden visit to Beijing last week.

24 March 2016, Week 11, Issue 585

There was further bad news for Australia’s coal-bed methane (CBM) industry last week when Arrow Energy announced that its Bowen Basin expansion project in Queensland faced indefinite delays.