Chinese solar giant looks to increase footprint in Cambodia

18 September2018 Week 37 Issue 475

Shanghai-based JinkoSolar is looking at increasing its investments in Cambodia, a country with one of the highest levels of annual sunlight in the world, and aims to be involved in a proposed Asian Development Bank-backed solar project in the country.

JinkoSolar business development manager for the Southeast Asia Warren Lee told Cambodian local media that the country offered, “ideal conditions for a prosperous solar sector, including plenty of daylight hours, increasing levels of energy consumption due to rising living standards and a lack of cheap energy options”

“Cambodia’s average of 5.8 peak sunlight hours a day makes it one of the world’s top solar resources,” he added.

Cambodia currently struggles with high electricity tariffs, unreliable sources of power, and skyrocketing demand for electricity, making it attractive to solar investors.

“With a dramatic reduction in the price of solar power and grid parity just around the corner, the Cambodian government shows great interest in solar and has set ambitious goals to develop the sector,” he said.

JinkoSolar’s interest is supported by a recent Asian Development Bank (ADB) feasibility study into a possible 100-MW solar park in the country. The study is currently on course to be completed in mid to late November 2018, after which, if confirmed as possible, bidding will begin on the 100-MW project.

JinkoSolar’s Lee also said that Cambodia was (too) dependent on both hydro and coal, as well as imports from Thailand and Vietnam.

To date, the siting of the ADB solar park, should it be approved, has not been confirmed, although the national Ministry of Mines and Energy did indicate it would be located to the west of the Cambodian capital.

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Richard Lockhart


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