DMEA Top Story archive

19 October 2017, Week 41, Issue 328

Kuwait’s state oil firms were active in deals across Asia in late September and early October.

12 October 2017, Week 40, Issue 327

Saudi Aramco extended its downstream involvement in Malaysia in early October through the acquisition of a stake in one of the planned projects on the southern Jurong Peninsula.

05 October 2017, Week 39, Issue 326

The downstream components of Uganda’s maiden crude oil development took anther step forward in September with the ratification of a deal to route the export pipeline through northern Tanzania.

28 September 2017, Week 38, Issue 325

Cairo managed to turn around its balance of payments (BOP) in the last financial year, registering the first surplus for many years.

21 September 2017, Week 37, Issue 324

The long-planned project to upgrade the state-owned refinery at Assiut in Upper Egypt finally moved into the execution phase in early September following the award of the main contract last month...

14 September 2017, Week 36, Issue 323

Muscat finalised the construction contract on a key downstream scheme at Duqm on the east-central coast in late August. The move was spurred by the long-awaited award earlier in the month of the...

6 September 2017, Week 35, Issue 322

US-based Dow Chemical and state-run Saudi Aramco announced plans in late August for the American firm to acquire an additional stake in their joint five-year-old Sadara Chemical joint venture (JV...

31 August 2017, Week 34, Issue 321

South African firm Sasol has reported a drop in full-year headline earnings, blaming the strength of the domestic currency and low oil prices alongside company-specific problems including...

24 August 2017, Week 33, Issue 320

Two of the UAE’s parastatal energy companies moved to secure financing in early August – while both also marked progress on long-standing upstream ambitions.

16 August 2017, Week 32, Issue 319

Liberia opened a new heavy fuel oil (HFO) storage plant in mid-August to provide additional flexibility for the country’s fuel oil-fired power generation plants.

10 August 2017, Week 31, Issue 318

Kuwait Petroleum Corp. (KPC) confirmed plans in late July to establish a trading business. The move follows a trend set by its less conservative regional peers to venture into the sector and their...

03 August 2017, Week 30, Issue 317

Saudi Aramco has said that the first phase of an expansion of the main cross-country gas pipeline, the Master Gas System (MGS), will be complete by the end of 2017.

26 July 2017, Week 29, Issue 316

The overseas refining and petrochemical arms of state energy conglomerate Kuwait Petroleum Corp. (KPC) in mid-July both signalled plans for a new push towards international expansion.

19 July 2017, Week 28, Issue 315

Major project agreements were signed in early July by the various subsidiaries of state-owned energy investment vehicle Oman Oil Co. (OOC) involved in the long-awaited scheme to develop a large...

13 July 2017, Week 27, Issue 314

The scale of the damage inflicted on Abu Dhabi’s main refinery at Ruwais by a fire in January was revealed in June with the award of a contract to repair the damaged facilities.