DMEA Top Story archive

16 August 2017, Week 32, Issue 319

Liberia opened a new heavy fuel oil (HFO) storage plant in mid-August to provide additional flexibility for the country’s fuel oil-fired power generation plants.

10 August 2017, Week 31, Issue 318

Kuwait Petroleum Corp. (KPC) confirmed plans in late July to establish a trading business. The move follows a trend set by its less conservative regional peers to venture into the sector and their...

03 August 2017, Week 30, Issue 317

Saudi Aramco has said that the first phase of an expansion of the main cross-country gas pipeline, the Master Gas System (MGS), will be complete by the end of 2017.

26 July 2017, Week 29, Issue 316

The overseas refining and petrochemical arms of state energy conglomerate Kuwait Petroleum Corp. (KPC) in mid-July both signalled plans for a new push towards international expansion.

19 July 2017, Week 28, Issue 315

Major project agreements were signed in early July by the various subsidiaries of state-owned energy investment vehicle Oman Oil Co. (OOC) involved in the long-awaited scheme to develop a large...

13 July 2017, Week 27, Issue 314

The scale of the damage inflicted on Abu Dhabi’s main refinery at Ruwais by a fire in January was revealed in June with the award of a contract to repair the damaged facilities.

06 July 2017, Week 26, Issue 313

Qatar, which lifted the moratorium on work in its giant North Field in April, has set out plans to increase LNG production to 100 million tpy from the current level of 77 million tpy. The...

29 June 2017, Week 25 Issue 312

Saudi Arabia’s concerted expansion downstream in Asia was again evident in early June in initiatives by the state’s two corporate titans.

22 June 2017 , Week 24, Issue 311

Abuja remains in the process of shortlisting potential bidders for contracts to finance and implement the rehabilitation of the three dilapidated and under performing state-owned refineries....

24 August 2016, Week 33 Issue 270

State-owned Saudi Aramco is assessing bids for the main contracts on the long-delayed upgrade of the company’s largest domestic refinery at Ras Tanura on the Gulf coast. It has...

29 June 2016, Week 25 Issue 262

Local privately-owned Jubail-based petrochemicals producers Sahara Petrochemicals Co. and Saudi International Petrochemical Co. (Sipchem) both made progress with their respective business...

06 April 2016, Week 13 Issue 250

Kuwait’s plans to create a new downstream hub at the southern port of Al-Zour assumed firmer form in late March, with the contract signed for the construction of an LNG import terminal. The...

10 February 2016, Week 05 Issue 242

Sudan and South Sudan have agreed in principle a new oil pipeline deal, which takes into account the plunge in crude oil prices, the countries’ oil ministers said last week. Fixed transit fees...

27 January 2016, Week 03 Issue 240

The Cotonou Fuels Plant is a fuels storage depot presently under construction in the coastal city of Cotonou in Benin.

Backers to the new plant, which will have capacity of 45,000 cubic...