DMEA Top Story archive

18 April 2018, Week 15, Issue 6351

Kuwait is looking to complete the Al Zour oil refinery project by December 2019, according to a statement last week from Khaled Mahdi, secretary general of the supreme council for planning and...

04 April 2017, Week 13, Issue 350

Egypt sent signals of intent to deliver on fiscal reform plans on two fronts in late March, as the government neared the second half of a policy programme. This is being delivered in return for a...

28 March 2017, Week 12, Issue 349

Libyan efforts to restore functionality to its oil refining industry during 2018 continue to face a range of challenges. The strong revival of crude oil output to above 1 million bpd earlier this...

21 March 2017, Week 11, Issue 348

Iraq’s Ministry of Oil (MoO) has invited investors to submit proposals for the construction of a 70,000 bpd capacity refinery in Anbar Province near the city of Haditha.

14 March 2017, Week 10, Issue 347

Saudi Aramco’s deepening network of ties with major Asian crude buyers gained fresh impetus in late February.

07 March 2017, Week 09, Issue 346

French super-major Total is reported to be interested in bidding to build the Nasiriyah oil refinery in Iraq, with an estimated future production of 150,000 bpd.

28 February 2017, Week 08, Issue 345

Chad’s Djarmaya refinery stands to benefit following the resurrection of a deal last week between the government and oil trading house Glencore.

14 February 2017, Week 06, Issue 343

Baghdad signed a deal in late January with a consortium of Chinese investors to develop a world-scale refining and petrochemical complex in the south of the country.

07 February 2017, Week 05, Issue 342

Saudi Basic Industries Corp. (SABIC) recorded a small growth in annual profits in 2017, despite a fourth-quarter dip, according to results released in late January.

31 January 2017, Week 04, Issue 341

Sovereigns across the Gulf have spent January preparing with varying degrees of urgency to meet the year’s external funding requirements. This is budgeted to run to tens of billions of dollars,...

24 January 2017, Week 03, Issue 340

Plans were revealed in late December for a major expansion at a Jubail-based subsidiary of state-owned petrochemicals behemoth Saudi Basic Industries Corp. (SABIC). The Saudi firm awarded the main...

17 January 2017, Week 02, Issue 339

Zambian authorities are looking for an investor in the Indeni Oil Refinery to support future enhancement of the plant.

10 January 2017, Week 01, Issue 338

The dramatic recovery of Libya’s oil production sector was one of 2017’s most notable developments. The years of debilitating civil conflict following the Muammar Ghadaffi era had destroyed the...

20 December 2017, Week 50, Issue 337

Hopes for a second major private refinery project in Nigeria rose in early December.

13 December 2017, Week 49, Issue 336

State-owned Bahrain Petroleum Co. (BAPCO) has awarded the main contract on the flagship project to expand and upgrade the kingdom’s refinery.