Energo Top Story archive

24 May 2018, Week 20, Issue 911

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has pledged funding for a new solar project in Kazakhstan, marking its fifth investment in the country’s clean energy sector.

17 May 2018, Week 19, Issue 910

Denmark’s Vestas is set to break ground next month on a plant for the manufacture of wind turbine blades in Russia’s Volga region of Ulyanovsk,...

03 May 2018, Week 17, Issue 908

Russia’s first floating nuclear power plant (FNPP) Akademik Lomonsov has set sail for the Far East, after nearly a decade of construction work.

26 April 2018, Week 16, Issue 907

Alfa-Bank, one of Russia’s largest commercial lenders, has agreed to provide up to US$537 million in credit to a pair of state-owned power companies.

19 April 2018, Week 15, Issue 906

The state-owned Oltenia Energy Complex (OEC) in southern Romania, the country’s second biggest source of electricity, is due to wind down operations at its coal-fired power units over the next...

12 April 2018, Week 14, Issue 905

Albania has hailed the successful unbundling of its state-owned distribution system operator (DSO) OSHEE, after setting up three separate companies to manage the utility’s...

05 April 2018, Week 13, Issue 904

Russian engineering group Technopromexport is poised to land a contract to build a 465-MW thermal power plant (TPP) in the Taman peninsula of Krasnodar.

29 March 2018, Week 12, Issue 903

The capacity of a planned subsea power link between Italy and Montenegro has been halved to 600 MW, dashing the latter’s hopes of becoming a major energy hub for the region.

22 March 2018, Week 11, Issue 902

Germany’s Siemens has signed a contract with Russia’s Gazprom to provide gas turbines for a thermal power plant (TPP) under construction in the Caucasus republic of Chechnya.

15 March 2018, Week 10, Issue 901

Russia is looking to award a further 1,250 MW of renewable energy capacity at auction later this year, as part of efforts to diversify its fossil fuel-based economy.

08 March 2018, Week 09, Issue 900

Energy suppliers in the Baltic States posted varied financial results for 2017, with Latvia’s Latvenergo announcing one of its best years yet, Estonia’s Eesti Energia reporting a plunge in profits...

01 March 2018, Week 08, Issue 899

Czech energy giant CEZ signed an agreement last week to hand over its remaining business in Bulgaria, which boasts an annual turnover of US$1.2 billion, to a small, local company with only US$63...

22 February 2018, Week 07, Issue 898

Kosovo’s electricity imports surged by 61.7% in 2017, as state power company KEK was forced to slash its output amid shortages of coal feedstock.

15 February 2018, Week 06, Issue 897

Siberian Generating Co. (SGC), one of Russia’s largest power companies, has closed a deal to buy a controlling stake in its smaller peer, Novosibirsk-based Sibirskaya Energeticheskaya Kompaniya (...

08 February 2018, Week 05, Issue 896

The Russian Energy Ministry is understood to have drafted an intergovernmental agreement on power supplies from Siberia to Mongolia.