Energo Top Story archive

08 March 2018, Week 09, Issue 900

Energy suppliers in the Baltic States posted varied financial results for 2017, with Latvia’s Latvenergo announcing one of its best years yet, Estonia’s Eesti Energia reporting a plunge in profits...

01 March 2018, Week 08, Issue 899

Czech energy giant CEZ signed an agreement last week to hand over its remaining business in Bulgaria, which boasts an annual turnover of US$1.2 billion, to a small, local company with only US$63...

22 February 2018, Week 07, Issue 898

Kosovo’s electricity imports surged by 61.7% in 2017, as state power company KEK was forced to slash its output amid shortages of coal feedstock.

15 February 2018, Week 06, Issue 897

Siberian Generating Co. (SGC), one of Russia’s largest power companies, has closed a deal to buy a controlling stake in its smaller peer, Novosibirsk-based Sibirskaya Energeticheskaya Kompaniya (...

08 February 2018, Week 05, Issue 896

The Russian Energy Ministry is understood to have drafted an intergovernmental agreement on power supplies from Siberia to Mongolia.

01 February 2018, Week 04, Issue 895

 A court in Paris has ordered Italy’s Becchetti Energy Group (BEG) to pay 172 million euros (US$212 million) in damages to Albania over a botched project to build a...

25 January 2018, Week 03, Issue 894

Inter RAO, one of Russia’s biggest energy firms, has recently struck contracts with Gazprom for back-up supplies of gas for two of its thermal power plants (TPPs).

18 January 2018, Week 02, Issue 893

Greece’s Public Power Corp. (PPC) has revealed it is nearing a deal to buy one of Macedonia’s largest electricity suppliers.

11 January 2018, Week 01, Issue 892

A project to tie together the electricity grids of Moldova and Romania has secured 270 million euros (US$326 million) in funding from international financiers.

21 December 2017, Week 50, Issue 891

German manufacturing giant Siemens has bagged a turnkey contract to build a 495-MW combined cycle power plant (CCPP) in Russia’s southern region of Tatarstan. The deal, struck with Russian...

14 December 2017, Week 49, Issue 890

Greater transmission capacity at the Austro-Hungarian border would have helped ease record power price spikes in Hungary over the summer, according to the country’s energy regulator, MEKH.

07 December 2017, Week 48, Issue 889

Dutch turbine developer Lagerwey has set up a joint venture with a subsidiary of Russian nuclear group Rosatom to supply 388 turbines to Russian wind farms by 2022.

30 November 2017, Week 47, Issue 888

Finnish energy group Fortum has launched a third combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) at Chelyabinsk GRES, a combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Russia’s Urals region.

23 November 2017, Week 46, Issue 887

Serbia has formally begun construction work on a controversial expansion project at the lignite-fired Kostolac-B thermal power plant (TPP) in the northeast of the country...

17 November 2017, Week 45, Issue 886

Dutch investment group NERO Renewables has suggested that its planned construction of a trio of wind parks in southeastern Romania could help the Netherlands meet its clean...