Energo Top Story archive

13 April 2017, Week 14 Issue 855

Coal-dependent Poland has rejected a commitment made by fellow EU members to refrain from constructing new coal-fired power plants on the continent after 2020.

06 April 2017, Week 13 Issue 854

Moldovan electricity provider Energocom has struck a deal with Geneva-based DTEK Trading to receive Ukrainian electricity over a 12-month period.

30 March 2017, Week 12 Issue 853

Lithuanian government officials have expressed gratitude to Warsaw for joining Vilnius in its refusal to buy electricity from the Astravets nuclear power plant (NPP) now under construction in...

23 March 2017, Week 11 Issue 852

German conglomerate Siemens has successfully shipped four gas turbines to Russian power plant builder Technopromexport for use at a new facility on Russia’s southern Taman Peninsula.

16 March 2017, Week 10 Issue 851

Ukraine, which has suffered from coal shortages this year because of a trade blockade in the Donbass region, risks exacerbating the crisis by halting imports of Russian...

9 March 2017, Week 09 Issue 850

Major renovation of the reactor units at Kola NPP in Murmansk region began last week with the goal of extending the service life and increasing the safety of the ageing plant. Unit 3 of the NPP...

2 March 2017, Week 08 Issue 849

Lithuania posted a 25-year record for electricity consumption in 2016, with demand totalling 10.47 million MWh during the year.

23 February 2017, Week 07 Issue 848

Enel Russia chairman Stepan Zvegintsov wrote a letter to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich earlier this month objecting to the government’s decision to reduce funding for energy...

16 February 2017, Week 06 Issue 847

Italian energy giant Enel has been ordered by a court to pay 401 million euros (US$426.20 million) to the Romanian government for a 13.57% stake in a former subsidiary of state-owned Electrica....

09 February 2017, Week 05 Issue 846

The Russian state-owned nuclear corporation Rosatom has signed a partnership agreement with a Dutch wind power firm, Lagerwey, to develop the production of wind turbines in...

02 February 2017, Week 04 Issue 845

Romania’s National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE) is to investigate at least two alleged breaches of competition law on the Romanian market for electricity trade....

26 January 2017, Week 03 Issue 844

Launch of the Huadian-Teninskaya thermal power plant (TPP) in Yaroslavl will be delayed by six months to a year after the facility failed a surprise inspection by state safety agency Rostekhnadzor...

20 January 2017, Week 02 Issue 843

Kazatomprom has announced a 10% cut to planned uranium extraction in Kazakhstan this year in response to a prolonged glut in global supplies of the nuclear fuel.

22 December 2016, Week 50 Issue 841

Turkish gas importer and grid operator Botas has cut gas supplies to the country's combined-cycle power plants to head off a potential shortage.

15 December 2016, Week 49 Issue 840

Russian power generator RusHydro has called for the introduction of an export duty on thermal coal in a bid to drive down prices, complaining that its electricity tariffs do not reflect the recent...