Energo Top Story archive

26 May 2016, Week 20 Issue 811

The Bulgarian competition regulator has accused power distribution company Energo Pro of abusing its dominant position on the local electricity market.

19 May 2016, Week 19 Issue 810

The Poland government could buy up shares in the country’s state-run power generators in order to finance cleaner power plants and to upgrade existing coal-fired thermal power plants (TPPs), the...

05 May 2016, Week 17 Issue 808

After months of tense negotiations, a deal has been struck aimed at rescuing Poland’s beleaguered coal industry.

28 April 2016, Week 16 Issue 807

Police in Montenegro issued international arrest warrants last week for the former CEO and CFO of power utility EPCG in connection with alleged abuse of office.

21 April 2016, Week 15 Issue 806

Ukraine’s DTEK is mulling selling its Russian assets, DTEK CEO Maksym Tymchenko told local weekly Zerkalo Nedeli on April 15.

14 April 2016, Week 14, Issue 805

Czech energy firm EPH has emerged as the frontrunner to buy coal power assets in Germany owned by Swedish utility Vattenfall.

31 March 2016, Week 12, Issue 803

The Russian government could permanently close the Severnaya mine in the northern city of Vorkut, where a series of explosions last month left 36 dead.

10 March 2016, Week 09, Issue 800

DanPower Baltic, a 50:50 joint venture set up by German and Lithuanian investors, has completed the purchase of three biomass heating plants in Vilnius and Kaunas. After securing approval for the...

17 March 2016, Week 10, Issue 801

Czech energy giant CEZ expects profits to plummet in 2016 amid record-low power prices.

03 March 2016, Week 08, Issue 799

Poland’s Kompania Weglowa (KW) has sacked its chief executive in the midst of delicate negotiations with trade unions aimed at cutting costs at the struggling state-owned company.

18 February 2016, Week 06, Issue 797

Finnish energy group Fortum concluded the sale of its Tobolsk combined heat and power (CHP) plant on February 5 to SIBUR, Russia's largest gas processing and petrochemicals company. In a swift...

11 February 2016, Week 05, Issue 796

The Lithuanian government’s decision to shut down loss-making Soviet-built heat and power plants (CHPs) has prompted legal action from local authorities and from France’s Veolia.

04 February 2016, Week 04 Issue 795

Finnish power group Fortum is negotiating the sale of its Russian subsidiary Tobolsk Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP)