FSUOGM Top Story archive

6 April 2016, Week 13 Issue 875

Rosneft faces a legal challenge from Venezuela’s opposition-controlled National Assembly over its US$500 million bid to take an increased stake in the Petromonagas crude-processing venture from...

30 March 2016, Week 11 Issue 874

Two men in the central Georgian village of Ruisi were detained last week for illegally siphoning off crude from the Baku-Supsa pipeline.

23 March 2016, Week 11 Issue 873

State-owned Ukrainian oil and gas producer Ukrnafta could see 16 production licences suspended over its outstanding tax liabilities, the company announced on March 18.

16 March 2016, Week 10 Issue 872

Former Rosshelf executives went on trial in Moscow’s Meshchansky District Court on March 10 for large-scale embezzlement of property, Kommersant reported.

09 March 2016, Week 09 Issue 871

Oil trading giant Vitol has reportedly sold its last remaining Russian assets as the firm looks to wind up its portfolio in the country to refocus on its core trading business.

02 March 2016, Week 08 Issue 870

Russian pipeline monopoly Transneft has closed a deal with trading giant Gunvor for a 50% stake in the Novorossiysk Fuel Oil Terminal, relieving the oil trader of its last Russian asset.

24 February 2016, Week 07 Issue 869

Moscow will reportedly only relinquish a controlling stake in Bashneft if the prospective buyer offers a high enough premium on market prices.

17 February 2016, Week 06 Issue 868

The Chairman of Russian oil giant Rosneft has accused some oilfield services firms of past price fixing and reaffirmed his company’s plans to bring drilling in-house over the coming decade.

10 February 2016, Week 05 Issue 867

Talks are under way on the purchase by Rosneft of Gazprom’s share in their jointly owned gas production unit, Purgaz, Kommersant reported on February 4. The transaction...