FSUOGM Top Story archive

09 November 2016, Week 44, Issue 906

The Ukrainian government ruled on November 2 that the Dutch-registered company Yuzgas cannot be allowed to participate in development of the Yuzovskaya shale gas field in Eastern Ukraine.

02 November 2016, Week 43, Issue 905

The Russian government has introduced amendments to the Tax Code in the State Duma that will see the mineral extraction tax (MET) rate increased for the oil companies and Gazprom.

26 October 2016, Week 42, Issue 904

Uzbekistan has raised the price of gasoline products for domestic consumers by around 30% in a move ostensibly intended to discourage illicit overcharging for fuel in...

19 October 2016, Week 41, Issue 903

Participants in the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) natural gas pipeline are reportedly moving closer to wrapping up financing arrangements for the project, which is likely to carry...

12 October 2016, Week 40, Issue 902

Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers has taken full control of national energy firm Naftohaz to oversee the unbundling of its transportation arm in line with the EU’s Third Energy Package requirements...

28 September 2016, Week 38, Issue 900

Oil production in the vicinity of Sakhalin Island in Russia’s Far East is due to climb by 8% this year, according to a regional official.

21 September 2016, Week 37, Issue 899

Russian oil operators and the Finance Ministry remain at odds over tax issues, with the latter calling for higher production taxes and the former suggesting that consumers pay more.

14 September 2016, Week 36, Issue 898

Kashagan, Kazakhstan’s largest oilfield, is set to resume production this autumn after a hiatus of three years, officials in Astana stated last week. They also indicated, however, that commercial...

07 September 2016, Week 35 Issue 897

World crude oil markets took a bullish turn on September 5 as Russia and Saudi Arabia, two of the world’s largest producers, pledged to work together to bolster oil prices. The rally was short-...

31 August 2016, Week 34 Issue 896

A little-known oil producer based in Russia’s Udmurt Republic has won a licence to develop the Boralahsky deposit in the Sakha Republic, after fending off rival bids by Rosneft, Novatek and...

24 August 2016, Week 33 Issue 895

The Russian Finance Ministry has rejected another attempt by Russian energy firms to elicit tax breaks on development work on the country’s Arctic shelf.

17 August 2016, Week 32 Issue 894

Kazakhstan’s United Chemical Co. (UCC) has unveiled plans for the construction of a large petrochemical plant that will process associated gas from the Tengiz oilfield.

10 August 2016, Week 31 Issue 893

Gazprom’s two biggest contractors saw a steep rise in earnings last year, defying the market downturn with the help of large orders for pipeline construction.

03 August 2016, Week 30 Issue 892

Russian drilling rigs have been sighted at upstream sites in the Ukrainian sector of the Black Sea in what Kyiv has condemned as sustained illegal activity offshore Ukraine.

27 July 2016, Week 29 Issue 891

London-listed JKX Oil & Gas is seeking assistance from the UK and US embassies in Kyiv amid an ongoing criminal investigation of its Ukrainian subsidiary by local prosecutors.