GE launches new unit at Kazan plant

22 June 2017, Week 24 Issue 865

General Electric (GE) and regional conglomerate TAIF have held a ceremony to mark the launch of a new, ultra-modern turbine at the Kazan gas-fired power plant in Russia’s central region of Tatarstan.

TAIF, the plant’s owner, said in a press release on June 19 that the unit was manufactured by GE and had a power generation capacity of 406 MW. The work, which started in 2014, was part of a comprehensive modernisation programme at the plant in the regional capital of Kazan, the company added.

“With the installation of the [turbine], the station doubled its installed power capacity and tripled the production of electricity from one combined cycle,” said TAIF’s general director Albert Shigabutdinov in a statement last week.

Tatarstan’s President Rustam Minnikhanov welcomed the introduction of new, more efficient turbine technology at the Kazan plant, which is operated by TAIF subsidiary TGK-16. “Construction of the new unit is a unique project, which will significantly improve the economic parameters to become more competitive in the electricity market,” he said. “It is no secret now that the wholesale electricity market [in Tatarstan] has certain limitations,” he added.

Electricity consumption in the region is rising as new industries increase output. Many of Tatarstan’s power plants are equipped with outmoded technology and infrastructure from the Soviet era, and so require modernisation to improve efficiency.

At the Kazan plant, GE fitted its HA-class turbine, which has a record efficiency rating of 62.2% and was first fitted in France’s Bouchain power plant last year. The US company was subsequently listed in the Guinness World Record books for producing the world’s most efficient combined-cycle power plant. The Kazan and Bouchain facilities are the only plants worldwide to operate the HA-class turbine.

In March, TAIF hosted a delegation of representatives from French firm Schneider Electric, setting up a working group on the Tartar company’s plans to hoist installed power generation capacity to 3 GW by 2025. TAIF currently commands 1.7 MW of capacity at the Kazan and nearby Nizhnekamskaya plant, which lies 250 km west of Tatarstan’s capital. The privately held group is intending to spend around US$2 billion on both new plants and modernisation work at its existing facilities across Tatarstan.


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