GE Power lands contract to build Ostroleka TPP

19 July 2018, Week 28, Issue 919

GE Power, a subsidiary of US-based General Electric, has signed a contract for the construction of a new coal-fired thermal power plant (TPP) in northeastern Poland.

In a statement, GE Power said it had struck a deal with Elektrownia Ostroleka on the launch of Ostroleka C, an ultra-supercritical (USC) power station with a capacity of 1,000 MW. Under the contract, the GE subsidiary will design and build the TPP and then bring it on stream in 2023. It will also fit out the plant with air quality control systems that comply with the EU regulations governing emissions in the area.

GE Power went on to say that it had committed to manufacturing and delivering the technological components – namely, a steam turbine generator and a boiler – that Ostroleka C will need to function as a USC power plant. These components will allow the facility’s efficiency level to reach 46%, it said. This is well above the global average efficiency level of 33% and is also the highest level possible for a steam power station in Poland, it commented. It should also allow the TPP to reduce its projected emissions of carbon dioxide by 26% for every MWh of electricity generated.

According to the statement, GE Power and Elektrownia Ostroleka hope the project will complement efforts to push Poland’s renewable energy sector forward. Specifically, the two companies hope the Ostroleka C plant can help ensure steady and reliable electricity supplies at times when renewable power is unavailable or insufficient.

To this end, GE Power will design a TPP that is capable of providing base-load power quickly. “High efficiency, low emission coal-fired power plants can meet that need [for rapid response when renewable energy sources cannot cover demand],” the statement said. GE Power’s Ostroleka plant technology will be specifically designed for operational flexibility to improve start time, start fuel, ramp-up and turn-down rate, and minimum load. This plant will reach full load in less than 30 minutes.”

Andreas Lusch, the CEO of GE Steam Power, described the new contract as a “significant milestone.” He said: “Ostroleka C will deliver reliable, affordable power with the lowest possible carbon footprint. Through enhanced load flexibility, this plant will help stabilise the grid and support the growth of renewables. Ostroleka C will have the best-in-class technology to respond to today’s changing energy landscape.”

Joseph Murphy

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Joseph Murphy


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