IGas spuds new UK exploration well

23 January 2019, Week 03, Issue 440

IGas Energy has announced that it has begun drilling a new well in North Nottinghamshire, UK, after failing to find gas at a nearby location previously. 

On January 22, the company said that it had spudded the Springs Road-1 exploration well at Misson Springs, targeting the Bowland shale formation.

“This is the second well that forms part of an integrated exploration and appraisal programme to better define the basin and is located in the central basin area,” the company said. 

In December, IGas confirmed that a separate exploration well at its Tinker Lane site had not been successful, prompting the firm to relocate its equipment to the new project. However, last week the Lincolnshire Echo reported that this process was ongoing, quoting a company spokesperson as saying that IGas expected the well to be spudded “in the first quarter of 2019”. 

“We are currently in the process of moving everything from Tinker Lane to Springs Road – this has always been the plan and has been something that the community have been told for some time now,” the spokesperson said. 

“In terms of drilling time, it is difficult to know for certain, as it depends on a lot of geological conditions. It is generally accepted that to drill a well to that depth takes roughly 2-3 months.”

Meanwhile, a long-standing protest against hydraulic fracturing – which has resulted in a number of arrests – at the Tinker Lane development has followed IGas to the Misson Springs site. Also speaking to the Echo, protester Ross Monaghan confirmed that the campaign would continue for the foreseeable future. 

“It is not a whole surprise that IGas have not been able to find the shale gas they are looking for – people who are experts in mining for minerals have been saying that the site is destined to failure for months,” he said. “But this doesn’t mean that it is over – our influence has had a clear impact on this site and we want to continue that when they move equipment to Misson.”


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Anna Kachkova


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