JA Solar to supply modules for 257 MW Vietnamese project

04 December 2018 Week 48 Issue 486

JA Solar, one of Asia’s most prominent producers of solar technology, is to supply mono-PERC modules to a 257-MW project in Phu Yen Province in Vietnam being built by China’s Shanxi Electric Power Engineering Corp. (SEPEC).

The project is a strategic move by Chinese companies to shift its focus on solar growth in Southwest Asia to counter a drop off in PV and other renewables investment at home.

“JA Solar is takes a leading position in the R&D and production of high performance PV products. We are confident that JA’s high efficiency modules and well-established global sales network will enable project success,” said SEPEC president Jiping Chen

Whilst Japan, China, and India are seeing a significant drop off in solar investment, developing economies such as Vietnam have of late become a target for investors.

China, whose Belt and Road Initiative aims to “ to enhance regional connectivity and embrace a brighter future,” is making particular inroads in Vietnam’s southernmost provinces around Ho Chi Minh City.

This was a point not lost on JA Solar CEO Baofeng Jin. “The co-operation between the two companies demonstrated SEPEC’s recognition of JA’s products and services. We look forward to co-operating on more projects in the future, further developing the solar market within the Belt and Road countries,” he said.

Edited by

Richard Lockhart


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