LatAmOil Top Story archive

30 April 2019, Week 17, Issue 761

Petrobras has put eight refineries up for sale along with a stake in its distribution arm and a chain of service stations in Uruguay.

23 April 2019, Week 16, Issue 760

ExxonMobil and its partners have announced a new find in the Stabroek Block offshore Guyana.

17 April 2019, Week 15, Issue 759

A leading Mexican think tank has urged the government to scrap the proposed US$8 billion Dos Bocas oil refinery in the southern Gulf Coast state of Tabasco, claiming the...

09 April 2019, Week 14, Issue 758

State-run Petrobras’ efforts to close the door on its long-running corruption scandal, which has plagued the company since 2014, ran aground last week.

02 April 2019, Week 13, Issue 757

Noble Energy has acquired a 40% stake in Royal Dutch Shell’s COL-3 and GUA OFF-3 blocks off Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

26 March 2019, Week 12, Issue 756

Colombia’s environmental licencing authority Anla has shelved permit applications made by US-based ConocoPhillips and Canadian producer Canacol for two shale pilot projects...

19 March 2019, Week 11, Issue 755

When Miguel Galuccio, the former CEO of Argentina’s state-run YPF, was looking for partners to develop the Vaca Muerta shale play in 2012, the search led him to Chevron.

12 March 2019, Week 10, Issue 754

Royal Dutch Shell has secured two offshore E&P contracts from the Colombian government, as activity off the country’s Caribbean coast ramps up. The company has agreed to spend US$100 million...

05 March 2019, Week 09, Issue 754

Colombian energy major Ecopetrol has allocated US$500 million over the next three years for shale pilot projects in the shale-rich Magdalena Valley basin.

26 February 2019, Week 08, Issue 752

Colombia is launching an auction for rights to develop 20 conventional hydrocarbon blocks, its first round of tenders for new areas since 2014.

19 February 2019, Week 07, Issue 751

Frontera Energy is weighing its future investment plans in Peru because of delays in restarting the Nor Peruano crude oil pipeline.

08 February 2019, Week 06, Issue 750

ExxonMobil has struck two new discoveries offshore Guyana. The finds at the Tilapia-1 and Haimara-1 wells bring up to 12 the number of discoveries the company and its partners have made in the...

05 February 2019, Week 05, Issue 749

Argentina has scaled back incentives for unconventional natural gas production. The move is aimed at pulling the country out of its financial crisis but risks slowing shale investment and could...

29 January 2019, Week 04, Issue 748

A recent spate of earthquakes in the Neuquen Basin has raised concerns amongst local residents about the use of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to target the Vaca Muerta shale play.

22 January 2019, Week 03, Issue 747

A month into Mexico’s war on fuel theft, tragedy struck when a tapped fuel pipeline in the central state of Hidalgo exploded, killing close to 100 people. Despite the...