LatAmOil Top Story archive

20 June 2017, Week 24, Issue 668

The central province of Entre Rios has become the first in Argentina to ban hydraulic fracturing.

06 June 2017, Week 22, Issue 666

Chevron has agreed to sell its Trinidad and Tobago assets to Royal Dutch Shell in a deal worth approximately US$250 million.

30 May 2017, Week 21, Issue 665

Petrobras has said it will exercise its preferential right to take a minimum 30% stake in three pre-salt areas being auctioned this year.

23 May 2017, Week 20, Issue 664

YPF is starting to drill longer horizontal wells in the Vaca Muerta shale play, as it looks to slash development costs by more than 20% over the next 18 months.

16 May 2017, Week 19, Issue 663

Wintershall said last week it had launched its second pilot project in the Vaca Muerta shale in Argentina.

09 May 2017, Week 18, Issue 662

Ecopetrol and its partner Anadarko have made a major natural gas discovery in Colombia’s Caribbean Sea.

02 May 2017, Week 17, Issue 661

Chile’s state oil company ENAP is preparing to carry out its first horizontal drilling for natural gas resources in a tight play this year, as it seeks to reduce imports over the long term.

25 April 2017, Week 16, Issue 660

Petroperu intends to issue US$3 billion in bonds before the end of June to help finance the restructuring of the state-run company, Peruvian Energy Minister Gonzalo Tamayo said last week.

18 April 2017, Week 15, Issue 659

Royal Dutch Shell last week received bids for its downstream assets in Argentina, where the Anglo-Dutch super-major intends to focus on shale development.

11 April 2017, Week 14, Issue 658

Trinidad and Tobago would be able to refine crude extracted offshore Guyana, despite the difference in the oil’s API gravity, an official from state-run Petrotrin said last week.

04 April 2017, Week 13, Issue 657

Investment activity continues to gather momentum in Argentina’s Vaca Muerta shale, with four companies signing a deal last week to invest US$500 million in exploring two blocks.

29 March 2017, Week 12, 656

Ecopetrol has revealed that Colombia has lost 893,000 barrels, or one day’s worth of the country’s production, this year alone because of rebel attacks on the Cano Limon-Covenas pipeline.

21 March 2017, Week 11, Issue 655

Brazil will offer three to four new areas in a pre-salt bid round this year and is preparing a schedule of rounds for the next five to 10 years.

14 March 2017, Week 10, Issue 654

A Brazilian court has overturned an injunction that had stopped Petrobras from selling its 90% stake in a gas transportation company in a deal worth around US$5.2 billion.

07 March 2017, Week 09, Issue 653

Mexico will hold two auctions every year from 2018 with a view to increasing foreign investment in the oil and gas sector, the Energy Ministry said last week.