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20 February 2018, Week 07, Issue 663

A run of positive news from the main foreign oil firms in Iraqi Kurdistan was maintained in February by the territory’s newest producer.

13 February 2018, Week 06, Issue 662

Bahrain’s oil minister laid out investment plans worth billions of dollars in January, including a renewed search for the indigenous oil and gas reserves in which the kingdom is regionally poor....

06 February 2018, Week 05, Issue 661

The two biggest advances in the Qatari upstream sector over the past year began bearing early fruit for contractors in January.

30 January 2018, Week 04, Issue 660

Development plans for both the onshore and offshore oilfields of government-owned Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. (ADNOC) advanced at the turn of the year.

23 January 2018, Week 03, Issue 659

Doha envisages a modest increase in spending next year – offset by higher revenues to narrow the fiscal deficit – according to the 2018 state budget unveiled in December.

16 January 2018, Week 02, Issue 658

Israel’s Bank Hapoalim has announced its interest in helping to finance the development of two offshore gas fields operated by Greece’s Energean Oil & Gas.

09 January 2018, Week 01, Issue 657

Lebanon quietly concluded the country’s maiden oil and gas licensing round in late December – awarding the only two areas to have attracted an offer to the same sole bidder.

19 December 2017, Week 50, Issue 656

Anglo-Turkish Genel Energy delivered a welcome piece of operational good news to beleaguered investors in early December by reporting new oil finds at the declining Taq Taq oilfield in the central...

12 December 2017, Week 49, Issue 655

Energean Oil & Gas last week signed new gas deals with Israeli companies, raising its contracted volumes for natural gas from the offshore Karish and Tanin gas fields at more than 4 bcm per...

05 December 2017, Week 48, Issue 654

Regional antagonists Abu Dhabi and Doha pressed on with the development of their largest oilfields in mid-November – with tendering processes launched for two major engineering, procurement and...

28 November 2017, Week 47, Issue 653

IOCs continued in November to circle rare opportunities to acquire stakes in major oil and gas fields in the UAE and Iraq.

21 November 2017, Week 46, Issue 652

Israel’s landmark first offshore licensing round ended with a whimper in mid-November – with only two bidders tabling offers for some of the 24 blocks being auctioned.

14 November 2017, Week 45, Issue 651

While offshore bid rounds by Israel and Lebanon grabbed headlines, additional attention was drawn to the Levantine hydrocarbons sector in early November from an unexpected source – as Jordan...

07 November 2017, Week 44, Issue 650

Amidst intense conflict between Erbil and Baghdad over Iraq’s northern export, the federal government moved further towards realising ambitions to become a major gas exporter by firming-up long-...

31 October 2017, Week 43, Issue 649

Evidence of state-owned Saudi Aramco’s plans for development of the upstream gas and energy services sectors continued to emerge in mid-October.