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21 November 2017, Week 46, Issue 652

Israel’s landmark first offshore licensing round ended with a whimper in mid-November – with only two bidders tabling offers for some of the 24 blocks being auctioned.

14 November 2017, Week 45, Issue 651

While offshore bid rounds by Israel and Lebanon grabbed headlines, additional attention was drawn to the Levantine hydrocarbons sector in early November from an unexpected source – as Jordan...

07 November 2017, Week 44, Issue 650

Amidst intense conflict between Erbil and Baghdad over Iraq’s northern export, the federal government moved further towards realising ambitions to become a major gas exporter by firming-up long-...

31 October 2017, Week 43, Issue 649

Evidence of state-owned Saudi Aramco’s plans for development of the upstream gas and energy services sectors continued to emerge in mid-October.

24 October 2017, Week 42, Issue 648

The head of Kuwait’s state oil conglomerate Kuwait Petroleum Corp. (KPC) delivered an update in mid-October on various upstream plans – with varying degrees of clarity and credibility.

17 October 2017, Week 41, Issue 647

OPEC published a predominantly-bullish monthly report in early October. This projected higher demand growth and lower non-OPEC output than in previous surveys while noting the declining global...

10 October 2017, Week 40, Issue 646

UAE-based rig fabricator Lamprell managed to return to marginal profitability during the first half of 2017. However, the company has warned investors that the business slowdown induced by low oil...

03 October 2017, Week 39, Issue 645

Foreign operators recorded progress last month on development projects at several of the smaller and newer oilfields in Iraqi Kurdistan.

26 September 2017, Week 38, Issue 643

Two of the GCC’s major oil producers last month highlighted the centrality of technological advances in delivering their varying upstream goals in the face of particular geological challenges.

19 September 2017, Week 37, Issue 642

State-owned Saudi Aramco’s three partners in the multi-billion-dollar maritime services complex under development in the Eastern Province each reaped the rewards of the continued strength of the...

12 September 2017, Week 36, Issue 641

The TurkStream pipeline project in early September continued the swift movement evident since the two governments’ reconciliation late last year – with the award of the third major construction...

05 September 2017, Week 35, Issue 640

The Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq’s second and third largest oil producers both reported positive financial and operational news in August.

29 August 2017, Week 34, Issue 639

Tehran's plans to drive enhanced recovery will be boosted by collaboration with IOCs. Alexander McDonald reports

22 August 2017, Week 33, Issue 638

Kuwait Oil Co. (KOC) announced in mid-August the beginning of testing of chemical injection technologies designed to raise production rates at the country’s northern oilfields. The development of...

15 August 2017, Week 32, Issue 637

OPEC production registered a third consecutive surge in July to a level more than 500,000 bpd above members’ self-imposed ceiling, according to the group’s monthly report, released in early August...