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14 September 2017, Week 36, Issue 575

Brazil’s decision to add tariffs to ethanol imports is the latest step in a “troubling global trend” towards protectionist policy and other actions against the US biofuels industry, according to...

07 September 2017, Week 35, Issue 574

The Dutch government has allocated subsidy grants to thousands of domestic renewable energy projects, with a combined power-generating capacity of 3.21 GW.

31 August 2017, Week 34, Issue 573

Italian power group Enel said it is considering a possible corporate reorganisation of its renewables assets in Chile.

24 August 2017, Week 33, Issue

Macquarie, the Australian infrastructure investor, has completed its GBP2.3 billion (US$2.94 billion) takeover of the UK government-owned Green Investment Bank (GIB), which will now be called the...

17 August 2017, Week 32, Issue 571

Turkish solar power developers have announced a slew of new planned projects, including the country's first floating solar power plant.

10 August 2017, Week 31, Issue 570

A giant solar project on the edge of the Sahara Desert has taken a step closer to reality, as developers of the proposed TuNur scheme filed an authorisation request with the Tunisian Ministry of...

03 August 2017, Week 30, Issue 569

The second quarter of the year saw green bond issuance reach a new high of US$32.2 billion, according to ratings agency Moody’s.

27 July 2017, Week 29, Issue 567

The UK’s energy system is set for a major upgrade to make it more intelligent and more flexible. This should allow it to incorporate new sources of energy, such as renewable wind and solar, as...

20 July 2017, Week 28, Issue 566

The energy storage sector is set to welcome anther new entrant as global engineering conglomerate Siemens joins forces with AES, the US utility, to create a new joint venture called Fluence.

13 July 2017, Week 27, Issue 566

Project developer RES has said that new planned onshore wind farms in the UK will be viable without subsidies, in another demonstration of the competitiveness of UK renewables.

06 July, Week 26, Issue 565

South Korean solar power developer Solkiss plans to build a series of floating plants across the country, in response to new President Moon Jae-in’s election promise to increase renewable energy...

29 June 2017, Week 25, Issue 564

New York’s state legislature has moved to establish an energy storage procurement target for 2030. The Energy Storage Deployment Program bill was passed unanimously, and directs the Public Service...

22 June 2017, Week 24, Issue 563

San Francisco-based Pattern Energy has announced more than a US$1billion in key strategic initiatives including with US private-equity firm Riverstone and with PSP Investments, a major Canadian...

08 June 2017, Week 22, Issue 561

Liberia has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Israeli clean energy developer Energiya Global Capital for the development of a 10-MW photovoltaic (PV) solar plant. 

01 June 2017, Week 21, Issue 560

State utility Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) has invited bids for the construction of a 100-MW solar power project, a sign that the landlocked country is moving to address its crippling...