REM Top Story archive

13 July 2017, Week 27, Issue 566

Project developer RES has said that new planned onshore wind farms in the UK will be viable without subsidies, in another demonstration of the competitiveness of UK renewables.

06 July, Week 26, Issue 565

South Korean solar power developer Solkiss plans to build a series of floating plants across the country, in response to new President Moon Jae-in’s election promise to increase renewable energy...

29 June 2017, Week 25, Issue 564

New York’s state legislature has moved to establish an energy storage procurement target for 2030. The Energy Storage Deployment Program bill was passed unanimously, and directs the Public Service...

22 June 2017, Week 24, Issue 563

San Francisco-based Pattern Energy has announced more than a US$1billion in key strategic initiatives including with US private-equity firm Riverstone and with PSP Investments, a major Canadian...

08 June 2017, Week 22, Issue 561

Liberia has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Israeli clean energy developer Energiya Global Capital for the development of a 10-MW photovoltaic (PV) solar plant. 

01 June 2017, Week 21, Issue 560

State utility Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) has invited bids for the construction of a 100-MW solar power project, a sign that the landlocked country is moving to address its crippling...

25 May 2017, Week 20, Issue 559

Indonesia’s state power monopoly PLN has signed provisional agreements for more than 30 small renewable energy projects on Sumatra Island.

18 May 2017, Week 19, Issue 558

The Dominican Corporation of State Electricity Companies (CDEEE) has applied new conditions to renewable energy contracts, as the country tries to ramp up activity in the clean energy sector.

04 May 2017, Week 17, Issue 556

Iran is offering foreign and private domestic companies tax incentives and long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) to encourage investment and development of renewable energy generation...

27 April 2017, Week 16, Issue 555

Brazil is planning to terminate a number of previously awarded renewable energy contracts by September, as it tries out new so-called ‘reverse auctions.’

20 April 2017, Week 15, Issue 554

The results of Germany’s first competitive offshore wind auction were announced last week. Four projects with a total capacity of almost 1.5 GW, all located in the German North Sea, were accepted...

13 April 2017, Week 14, Issue 553

With oil prices stabilising and renewables becoming more competitive, oil and gas super-majors are beginning to make inroads into the clean energy market. 

06 April 2017, Week 13, Issue 552

Argentina has extended the deadline for firms to sign power purchase agreements (PPAs) for stalled renewable energy projects that are part of the Genren programme.

30 March 2017, Week 12, Issue 551

The European Commission has cleared the way for Denmark’s planned Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm, declaring that state support for the scheme does not breach EU aid rules.

23 March 2017, Week 11, Issue 550

Argentina’s Pampa Energia has sold a 50% stake in its renewables subsidiary Greenwind to the US-based private equity firm Castlelake.