Savannah marks second Niger find

12 June 2018, Week 23, Issue 743

Savannah Petroleum has made a second find in the Agadem Rift Basin, in Niger. Announcing the result on June 6, the London-listed explorer said the Amdigh-1 well had found an estimated 22 metres of net oil-bearing reservoir sandstones in the primary Eocene Sokor Alternances objective. 

Logs indicate the reservoirs to be of “good to excellent quality”, with the oil believed to be light, in line with other wells along the trend. Samples were recovered to the surface and have been taken for analysis. 

The well reached a total measured depth of 2,469 metres, using the GW 215 Rig, taking 24 days. All operations were completed within 33 days of spudding. The Amdigh-1 is being suspended for future re-entry and a production test will be carried out as part of a batch campaign, using a dedicated testing rig. 

The Chinese-owned rig will now move to the Kunama-1 well site, 12 km from Amdigh-1. The move should take 10-15 days, it said. This next well will also test the potential oil pay in the Eocene Sokor Alternances, with a secondary target of the Eocene Upper Sokor. 

The Amdigh discovery has found more than twice the amount of oil-bearing reservoir than was discovered at the earlier Bushiya-1 find. At this first well, announced in April, 10 metres of oil-bearing sandstone was discovered in two sections, of three and seven metres. This well was drilled to 2,200 metres in 16 days, with all work taking 25 days from spudding.  

Two discoveries in a row is “clearly encouraging” for Savannah’s Niger plans, the company’s CEO, Andrew Knott, said. “Given these successes, we have now engaged external consultants to commence detailed development concept evaluation work around the creation of a potential R3 East Area Early Production System.”

Savannah’s chairman, Steve Jenkins, noted that successes at Bushiya and Amdigh validated the company’s thinking about the licence and its similarities with the nearby Agadem licence, where China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) operates. “I firmly believe that all of the necessary ingredients for repeatable exploration success exist in our project areas. Given the extensive prospects and [the] leads inventory we have in the wider R3 license area and in our Niger portfolio, we remain encouraged about the potential of our future exploration activities.”

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Ed Reed


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