Savannah sharpens focus to Niger’s R3

18 April 2017, Week 15, Issue 685

Savannah Petroleum intends to drill its first three wells on the R3 production-sharing contract (PSC), starting in the first half of the year. In a statement on April 11, Niger-focused Savannah said the block was within a petroleum sweet spot in the basin, with some of the largest discoveries made to the north and south of the block. Furthermore, it is close to existing and planned infrastructure. 

Seismic shot in the area indicates the existence of multiple fault blocks, similar to existing fields and discoveries. Focusing on this block will also save money, Savannah said, allowing it to avoid lengthy moves as the rig moves between the company’s various blocks. 

More details, on prospects from the R3 East survey and its chosen exploration targets, will be announced in due course, the company said. It did note, though, that the likely targets would have multiple-stacked objectives, with low operational risk. 

Savannah signed a letter of award in March with the Great Wall Drilling Company Niger for the GW89 rig. In its mid-April statement, the company said it had been offered the GW215 rig. The first rig was stacked, so bringing it into operation would have involved some recommissioning, it said. Using a “warm” rig – the GW215 is coming off contract with another operator – would “lead to greater operational efficiency”. 

A presentation from the company in November identified a couple of example targets in R3, including Bushiya and Kunama. Both have targets in the Oligocene Upper Sokor, Eocene Sokor Alternances and Cretaceous Yogou areas. 

Construction of a logistics camp and pipe yard has begun, in R3, close to the Jaouro airstrip.