Victoria spuds Logbaba wells

08 November 2016, Week 44, Issue 664

Victoria Oil & Gas has spudded development wells La-107 and La-108 on its Logbaba field, in Cameroon. The company, in a statement on November 2, said it had spudded the wells in Douala using the Komako 1 drilling rig, which had been twice struck by lightning in August. The wells are being drilled by Savannah Oil Services Cameroon. 

The company said the wells were required to meet growing demand for gas in Douala and were intended to firm up proved plus probable reserves, into the proved category. 

The almost vertical La-107 well is a twin of the La-104 well, which was drilled in 1957. The other, La-108, will be a step out well to target a well and prove up some probable reserves. This second well will be directionally drilled to intersect with a target around 1,100 metres to the southeast of the drilling pad. The company has a relatively restricted site for operations, given that the gas field lies under the city of Douala. 

Both wells will be drilled from a drilling pad adjacent to the Logbaba processing plant, which would allow production to be tied-in once completed. 

The Logbaba formation lies at a depth in the range of 1,700 metres to 3,200 metres. The first well will also test a potential target below the existing formation, at a depth of around 4,200 metres, which gave a “significant gas kick” during the 1957 well. 

The two wells should cost around US$40 million, which will come from revenues and contributions from Victoria’s partner. Work should be completed in the second quarter of 2017. Victoria has a 60% stake in Logbaba, via its Gaz du Cameroun subsidiary, while the remaining 40% is held by Grynberg Petroleum’s RSM Production. 

Victoria, in its third quarter results, said two lightning strikes had hit the rig’s derrick in August, causing “significant damage to electrical circuits, electronic components and instrumentation and in some cases mechanical equipment”. Some of the damage was not readily apparent, it said, but has been repaired and certified.