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AfrElec is NewsBase’s newest weekly report: insight and foresight for the African power sector.

African economies are poised for growth but additional electricity supplies are essential as a catalyst. The continent has the resources – from fossil fuels to renewables – and investment is starting to catch up with the opportunities on offer. 

Timely, accurate, on-the-ground news and analysis is vital to investors, developers, engineers and businesses, both regionally and internationally.

AfrElec’s covers coal and gas-fired thermal power, nuclear, renewables, hydro, combined heat and power (CHP), transmission, grid and storage. It also covers the political and investment decisions needed to improve access to electricity for Africa’s expanding population. 

AfrElec is published on Wednesdays and also incorporates an extensive News in Brief section. This includes detailed and up-to-date news as it breaks, from various sources across Africa, which will be delivered in Real Time to subscribers.

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NewsBase ChinaOil is comprehensive and also keeps me informed of wider trends within China.  It gives me an edge when doing strategic planning and looking for business opportunities.  If you want to do business and grow in China’s upstream oil business, then this weekly digest gives the necessary insights.

Robin Simpson
Vice President Commercial & Business Development

NewsBase UOGM is concise and well focussed, giving me an accurate picture of the market in the one place

David Campagna
General Manager, Global Exploration

The value that NewsBase provides is excellent. I could pay more money to a different supplier and still not see the same level of information.

Without NewsBase I could have three or four suppliers and still not have the same depth of coverage.

Wayne Zemke
Market Intelligence Manager

AfrOil provides the most incisive and comprehensive coverage of the African oil and gas sector. AfrOil doesn’t just tell me what’s happening now, it tells me where the next hot spots will be, which is crucial for planning ahead. AfrOil is essential to my work and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in oil and gas in Africa.

Elias Pungong
Partner Africa Oil & Gas Sector

I FOLLOW ALL NEWSBASE ISSUES WITH GREAT INTEREST.  They are current, in-depth, highly analytical but also fun to read.

Daniela Kissova
Policy Governmental & Public Affairs


As Iran looks to emerge from isolation, geopolitical partners are circling...

Latest Special Report

Revised & Extended - Argentina Shale Investment Report

The new revised and extended Argentina Shale Special Investment Report is the most comprehensive guide to the risks and rewards presented by this unique investment opportunity.

Argentina has emerged as the world’s second-largest shale play after the US. The country has shale gas reserves of 23 tcm and 27 billion barrels of tight oil, which have attracted majors like Chevron, Petronas and Sinopec to forge partnerships with state-run YPF to expedite production.

This updated 37-page special report analyses the potential of this resource to transform Argentina’s energy landscape. It assesses the economic and political risks, provides in-depth analysis of drilling costs, company profiles and a contact list of the firms operating in the Argentine shale patch.

It also includes a forensic breakdown of the country’s new hydrocarbon law, assesses infrastructure challenges and looks at the need for new investment and workers. Improving drilling efficiencies and the formation of a well-equipped services industry are other core themes. 

The report is essential reading for companies interested in investing in one of the most exciting areas for exploration and production in the global oil industry.

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