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AfrElec: Algerian energy utility Sonelgaz awards contracts to build 3-GW solar facilities

Algeria's state-owned energy Sonelgaz has awarded contracts to local and foreign firms to build 20 individual solar plants with an anticipated production capacity of 3 GW, the group said in a statement.

The group has recently made two tenders for the solar facilities which will spread across 17 Algerian provinces. The first tender was made in late 2021 to produce 1 GW of solar power in five provinces with a range of 80 MW-220 MW for each project. The second was initiated in February last year to produce 2 GW of the same type in 12 provinces with 50 MW-30 MW.

The combined 3-GW project is a significant step towards Algeria's ambitious target of generating 15 GW of renewable energy by 2035 with a significant portion coming from solar. Currently, the country’s solar capacity is quite low at around 423 MW in 2021 representing only 3% of the country’s energy needs.

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