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AfrElec: Ethiopian Electric Power exports reach $78.5mn amid regional supply efforts

Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) reported earnings of $78.5mn from the export of electric power to neighbouring countries over a nine-month period.

During this timeframe, Ethiopia produced over 15,000 GWh of energy, exporting a portion of it to Djibouti, Sudan and Kenya, all of which established power connections with Ethiopia more than a year ago.

The state-owned utility noted that revenue fell short of projections due to security challenges, despite efforts to ensure the safety of power transmission and distribution infrastructure.

In addition to export earnings, EEP generated over ETB14.8bn ($245.6mn) from selling power to domestic customers.

Djibouti and Sudan have been importing electricity from Ethiopia for over five years, while Kenya initiated electricity imports from its northern neighbour just last year

Kenya expects to double its electricity supply from Ethiopia as of 2025, two years earlier than planned, partially bypassing more expensive domestic producers. In July 2022, Nairobi signed an initial 25-year electricity supply agreement with EEP for 200 MW, aiming to up it to 400 MW in 2027.

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