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AsianOil: Indian blackouts demonstrate a lack of foresight by New Delhi

New Delhi is in the process of searching for more LNG in a bid to alleviate socio-economic turmoil brought about by ongoing blackouts in some areas. 

In a report released by Reuters it has been revealed that the government is also pushing major utilities to complete ongoing maintenance of power plants as soon as possible.

The calls by the government to expedite maintenance at plants across the nation come as New Delhi also extends an emergency law relating to the use of imported coal. All power plants using imported coal as part of their operations have been ordered to increase power generation to maximum capacity.

This comes about largely as a result of never-before seen levels of power demand throughout much of the summer. August in particular was very hard on the domestic grid as a result of soaring temperatures and extended dry spells.

And as demand increased, output from the wind and water related renewables industries plummeted as rainfall decreased and the wind refused to blow.

Local sources left without power suggest that the ongoing struggles with guaranteeing electricity to the country’s 1.4bn people was in large part ignored as the national government geared up for the September 9-10 hosting of the G20.

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