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AsianOil: New floating LNG in Malaysia to utilise Straatman ship-to-shore tech

Petronas' latest venture in the realm of floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) in Malaysia will see the incorporation of cutting-edge technology from the Gutch maritime equipment manufacturer, Straatman.

A long-time giant in dredging and bow-coupling, Straatman has clinched a contract to supply a critical ship-to-shore link system at the FLNG site.

This system, known as SafeCom, will serve as a primary communication conduit for what is now the third Petronas FLNG project in the region. The facility will be situated offshore Sabah, east of Peninsular Malaysia, in waters close to the island of Borneo.

LNG carriers are a common site navigating the waters around the island, with both Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta having extensive LNG interests in the region; large-scale European interest in the region is also seen in the form of Italian firm Eni’s presence in the waters off Kalimantan on the east and south-east coast of Borneo.

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