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Croatia ramps up power production from fossil fuels

Croatia reported net electricity production of 1,003GWh in June, up by 14% y/y compared to the 880GWh produced in June 2021, the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (DZS) said on August 25. Electricity generation was up in monthly terms, from 914GWh produced in May.

The increase in annual terms was due to a significant rise in thermal power production.

Hydropower electricity generation was down by 12.2% y/y to 374GWh in June. Production at thermal power plants and CHP that use fossil fuels increased by 43.7% y/y to 401GWh. Output of wind power plants increased 59.3% y/y to 137GWh.

Imports were up compared to the same month of 2021, while exports were down. Electricity imports increased from 931GWh in June 2021 to 1,007GWh in June 2022, while exports decreased from 15GWh to 13GWh.