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ENERGO: Europe ready for Baltics emergency switch-off from Russian grid

European grid operators are ready to implement immediately a long-term plan to bring the Baltic states, which rely on the Russian grid, into the European Union system in the event Moscow cuts them off, three sources familiar with the matter said,, the website of Lithuanian national broadcaster LRT, reported.

Concern about depending on Russia for any form of energy has mounted across Europe because of reductions in Russian gas supplies to some countries following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Baltic states are nervous because Lithuania has clashed with Russia for blocking goods to Moscow’s Kaliningrad enclave.

Thirty years after splitting from the former Soviet Union and 17 years since joining the European Union, the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania depend on Russia to ensure stable power supplies.

The Baltic states have a long-standing plan to become part of the European decentralised network of power grids, known as ENTSO-E, by 2025.