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Lithuanian energy firm Ignitis announces guidance on IPO pricing at €22.5 per share

Lithuania's state-owned energy group Ignitis Grupe (Ignitis Group) announced further guidance on its IPO pricing towards €22.5 for shares and global depository receipts (GDR) on September 30.

The offer is comprised of 20.902mn shares, or 27.8% of the company's total share capital. If the final price stands at €22.5, the company will attract €470mn and its market capitalisation would stand at €1.692bn.

Ignitis set a price range of €22.5-€28 for its shares and GDRs prior to the IPO.

The group underlined on September 30 that the guidance does not determine the final offer price. Retail investors, as previously, submit their orders at a maximum price of €28 per share. The final offer price, in respect with the prospectus, will be determined following a book-building process which started on September 21 and ends on October 1.