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"NewsBase are extremely easy to do business with. They have been so good with trials, allowing us enough time to make sure each new Monitor is right before we add it to our subscription. I like that I now have one information source to go to in order to serve my customers around the world.   

NewsBase’s Monitors are perfect in terms of their frequency and the amount of information they provide.  They offer enough news and commentary to give me the insight that I need without being overwhelmingly long.  It comes every week so my guys never have to go looking elsewhere for the information that they need to serve our customers. 

The value that NewsBase provides is excellent. I could pay more money to a different supplier and still not see the same level of information.   

Without NewsBase I could have three or four suppliers and still not have the same depth of coverage."

Wayne T. Zemke - Market Intelligence Manager 


"NewsBase has a very good editorial team: I really enjoy the way you take raw feed, reflect on it and put it into proper order. Their editorial style avoids emotion and sticks to the facts; compared with our other sources, UOGM is a publication always worthy of our time."

Rob Fulks - Director Strategic Marketing 


 "I couldn’t do without AfrOil, it’s a datum point for further research. The content regarding new activity is extremely useful ."

Steve Lunn - Business Development Account Manager 
Bristow Group Inc.


"Throughout the years that I have subscribed, MEOG has never failed to present an accurate geopolitical picture of the region, as well as provide commentary on the most recent developments in the industry. Keep up the good work! "

Dr. Ulrich Doehl - Senior Project Manager 


"AfrOil is a comprehensive, in-depth and accurate weekly monitor on all the actions in and around Africa. Along with a good support system; quick, effective assistance from the staff and a very extensive archive, Newsbase is a wonderful organisation to work with."

Alecia Botha - Research Assistant
Starlite Aviation


"I follow all NewsBase issues with great interest. They are current, in-depth, highly analytical but also fun to read. They have greatly helped me develop in-depth knowledge on the gas sector in Europe but also to appreciate the global landscape against which I do my work."

Daniela Kissova - Policy, Government and Public Affairs


"NorthAmOil and LatAmOil from NewsBase provide the data and informed comment to keep us up-to-date on industry developments in our core areas.  Other reports, studies and opinion-pieces on more diverse topics stimulate awareness beyond that immediate focus – and ensure we don’t become myopic or boring.   These subscriptions are a great investment."

George H. Plummer - Senior VP
N-Compass Development


"AfrOil provides the most incisive and comprehensive coverage of the African oil and gas sector. AfrOil doesn’t just tell me what’s happening now, it tells me where the next hot spots will be, which is crucial for planning ahead. AfrOil is essential to my work and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in oil and gas in Africa."

Elias Pungong - Partner - Africa Oil & Gas Sector Leader 
Ernst & Young


"NewsBase is a regular read for me and has been an invaluable source of information for our business."

Chris Hughes - Commercial Director 
NuTech Energy Alliance


"The team at NewsBase and InnovOil clearly understand their industry and customer base."

Colin McCreadie - Business Development Director 


"NewsBase AfrOil is topical and contains a wealth of information in a condensed format."

Eddy R. Belle - CEO 


"NewsBase ChinaOil provides factual industry information, but the background of implications as to why things are happening really sets them apart.  It is relevant for every aspect of our business."

Vice President China
International E&P Company


"I really enjoy every issue of FSU Oil & Gas Monitor – it is one of the main sources of information about the latest developments in gas pipelines business in that region."

Matt Lubomirsky - Senior Consultant 
Solar Turbines (a Caterpillar company)


"I find NewsBase FSUOGM and MEOG to be invaluable in my work, and I consider them to be an authority on the latest from these regions."

M&A Department 
National Oil Company in Asia


"NewsBase UOGM is concise and well focussed, giving me an accurate picture of the market in the one place."

David Campagna - General Manager Global Exploration 


"Great company and people to work with – and UOGM is an awesome source for tracking all unconventional activities around the globe"

David Sepiashvili - President 
Aterra Exploration


"Newsbase has provided PetroMall and its associates with insight and in depth analysis of international issues leading to good context for focusing our efforts on science and engineering application in the upstream business. The Unconventional Monitor is a refreshing overview of global issues in the unconventional space. "

Greg Coleman - Co-Founder 


"Our LNG team subscribe to a number of major news sources, but Newsbase’s LNG monitors provide some of the best detail and greatest depth of understanding out there"

Alan Whitefield - Senior Advisor
Sund Energy


"NewsBase ChinaOil is comprehensive and also keeps me informed of wider trends within China.  It gives me an edge when doing strategic planning and looking for business opportunities.  If you want to do business and grow in China’s upstream oil business, then this weekly digest gives the necessary insights."

Robin Simpson - Vice President Commercial & Business Development 
Roc Oil


"This is a great newsletter and I find it full of information about end users and EPC projects. It helps us to know to target customers who are spending money"

Hani Qronfleh - Regional Manager Middle East 
Industrial Scientific


"I have been utilizing the Newsbase publications for several years and find them quite helpful in presenting a broad range of news topics from the industry.  This information is extremely valuable in allowing me, with Business Development responsibilities, to stay on top of current and relevant topics along with understanding who the active players are in each region."

Allan Sander - Snr VP of Business Development 
Seismic Equipment Solutions


"AfrOil gives a comprehensive insight not only on oil matters, but also on geopolitical and economic hot topics. It has maintained a high quality of information over the years, while constantly adapting to the market. A most valuable tool."

Guillaume Arditti - Managing Director MEA Energy & Commodities 
BNP Paribas


"NewsBase Oil & Gas Monitors are highly informative and comprehensive. The variety of content and broad geographic focus complements my daily news sources. The format is readily accessible wherever I am."

Francisco J Salom Martinez - Product Line Manager CWI Baker Hughes


"I find NewsBase very useful – every edition contains informative pieces with good regional focus and balance."

Vic Erdilek - Global Business Development Manager 
Hayward Tyler


"NewsBase Energo is of very high quality – it keeps me up to date with the news in the industry and the in depth analysis is unique."

Mircea Gheorghe - CTO 


"UOGM is a valuable source of information. It contains all you need to know about what is going on and why in the Unconventional Oil & Gas sector."

Mauro G. Soares - Unconventional Business Manager 


"LatAmOil  is a very good publication – the information it contains surrounding Mexico is very helpful"

Leonardo Gutierrez - Completions Product Line Manager 
Baker Hughes


"LatAmOil and NewsBase is a wonderful tool for us. It allows us to be up-to-date on recent developments throughout the whole spectrum of the Energy industry in Latin America."

Juan Carlos Sandoval - Head of Latin America Oil & Gas 
BNP Paribas


"I never start the day before reading through the latest edition"

Bosman van der Merwe - Global Technical Department 


"NewsBase Monitors are really good, I will always refer to them because they provide me with the insights I need into the industry"

Desmond Tay - Manager, Management Consulting 


"NewsBase provides exactly what I need - delivers the latest international oil and gas news, analysis of issues and events, important statistics on international markets and activity."

Sergey Mazur - Sales Director 
Borkit Oiltech


"I consider AfrOil to be a unique and valuable resource."

Alex Griffiths - Managing Director, Head of Natural Resources and Commodities EMEA 
Fitch Ratings


"MND has been a subscriber of FSU OGM for several years. Our company operates both in Russia and Ukraine and FSU OGM provides very useful insight into the ongoing development on the oil and gas markets, in particular in such areas where monitoring of the fast changes is very difficult. Our team members read the reports thoroughly and on a regular basis, as they often use this information to respond timely to the situation on the market. FSU OGM monitor has always been a valuable source of reliable information and analyses. "

Pavel Marek - Business Development Manager 


"I really enjoy reading your work. I refer to your information and data often."

Jeffrey Hart - Demand & Procurement Manager