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AsiaElec: Indonesia backtracks on closure of coal plants

Indonesia is showing an ever increasing reluctance to close down its aging coal-fired (thermal) power plants (TPPs) in line with assurances made last year towards the nation one day achieving net-zero status.

And to add insult to environmental injury, authorities in the capital Jakarta are even giving the green light on a number of development projects at new coal facilities, albeit in doing so, they are promising to shut them down by 2060.

Indonesia still draws the bulk of its energy needs from coal, with an estimated 65% of the total coming from TPPs.

However, despite initial enthusiasm for central government announcements of a move towards renewables dependency, a missive issued by the office of President Joko Widodo last week now permits coal-powered steam facilities “within an industrial area oriented toward boosting the value of natural resources.”

More vague wording was added within the same missive stating that coal-powered projects contributing in some way to the national economy by way of job creation would also be permitted.