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AsiaElec covers utility-scale power developments and policy across all main industry sectors, including coal and gas-fired thermal power, nuclear, renewables, hydro, combined heat and power (CHP), transmission, grid and storage. It also covers the closely interlinked coal-mining sector.

AsiaElec reports on project investment and approval, providing news and intelligence on key developments. This is ideal, not only for investors, developers and competitors, but for service, infrastructure and construction companies, who benefit from knowing where best to make their next key move in a rapidly developing market.

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IEA talks up CCUS as key to reducing emissions

24 September 2020

CCUS has a vital role to play in limiting global warning, the IEA says, but more investment and research is needed

GE exits new build coal power market

23 September 2020

US-based GE has said it is to stop building coal-fired power plants and will concentrate instead on renewables and gas-fired generation.

China’s welcome net zero surprise

23 September 2020

China’s net zero ambitions are a welcome surprise for the global energy transition, but more details are needed

J-Power to develop CCUS in Indonesia

23 September 2020

Japan’s J-Power and consulting company Japan NUS are to carry out a CCUS demonstration project to store carbon dioxide deep in the ground in Indonesia as part of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Spain's Elecnor to build wind project in Mexico

23 September 2020

Spain’s Elecnor has won a €28.8mn ($34.1m) contract to build the 56-MW Coromuel wind farm in Mexico.

BP sets out LNG’s role in energy outlook

18 September 2020

BP has published its Energy Outlook 2020, which sees LNG trade growing significantly in at least the medium term in two out of three scenarios.

Iberdrola buys into Japanese offshore wind market

17 September 2020

Iberdrola has bought Japanese offshore wind developer Acacia Renewables from Macquarie's Green Investment Group in a bid to boost its exposure to offshore wind.

State Gas records “exponential” increase in CBM production

17 September 2020

Australian junior State Gas has announced an “exponential” increase in coal-bed methane (CBM) at its wholly owned Reid’s Dome project in the Bowen Basin.

Australia unveils national gas strategy

17 September 2020

The Australian government has announced a slew of natural gas-focused measures aimed at helping the economy to recover from the COVID-19 recession.

Gas demand from Chinese generators could decline 17% by 2025

16 September 2020

China’s gas-fired generating sector is struggling to stay afloat as the twin pressures of lower tariffs and the ongoing trade war could push demand for feedstock down by 17% by 2025.

Coal and gas to lose out to renewables by 2026 in Australia

16 September 2020

Demand for coal and natural gas as generating fuels in Australia has peaked and is set to be overtaken by solar PV and onshore wind by 2026.

Reduced LNG demand drives project delays

10 September 2020

Investors are widely expected to delay sanctioning new LNG export capacity on the back of depressed demand and an uncertain economic outlook.

Sinopec awards long-term LNG supply contract to Qatargas

10 September 2020

China’s state-run Sinopec has reportedly awarded a long-term liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply contract to Qatargas for 1mn tonnes per year of the super-chilled fuel.

IEA calls for dramatic scaling up of clean tech to reach net zero

10 September 2020

The power sector can only account for one-third of the progress needed to reach net-zero emissions. Transport, buildings and industry must also invest in clean tech, the IEA warns

MHI Vestas boosts local content in Taiwan

9 September 2020

MHI Vestas has signed a contract to buy spinner covers and nacelle covers for offshore wind turbines from Fassmer Atech Composites Taiwan in what is a major boost for Taiwan’s offshore wind supply chain.

Equinor is the latest global name to take part in Japan’s first offshore bid round

9 September 2020

Japan needs to foster fast offshore wind expansion if it is to catch up with regional leaders

Ørsted signs shipping contract for Greater Changhua

9 September 2020

Denmark’s Ørsted has chartered five crew transfer vessels (CTV) to service the construction of the Greater Changhua 1 & 2a Offshore Wind Farms in Taiwan.

Australian explorer Pilot Energy to develop wind farm offshore Western Australia

9 September 2020

Australian energy company Pilot Energy is investigating the potential for developing a 1.1-GW offshore wind farm off Western Australia that would be paired with an onshore solar project.

CNNC makes nuclear progress in Pakistan

9 September 2020

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) has completed so-called hot functional tests (HFT) at the K2 reactor at Pakistan’s Karachi nuclear power plant.

India’s confident of meeting renewable target

9 September 2020

India aims to increase its non-fossil fuel energy capacity from 134 GW today to 220 GW by the end of 2022.

State Gas reveals CBM production record

3 September 2020

Australian junior State Gas has revealed a new coal-bed methane (CBM) production test record at its wholly owned Reid’s Dome project in the Bowen Basin.

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