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AsiaElec: Korean vessel more than just an offshore turbine installation tool

In a ground-breaking step for South Korea's renewable energy sector, albeit atop the waves, Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries' offshore wind installation vessel, the Hyundai Frontier, has completed its inaugural wind turbine installation at a wind farm off the coast of Jeju Island.

Whilst the installation itself could have been achieved by numerous vessels from around the world, the use of a Korean-built ship is seen as crucial by Seoul in terms of making sure the wind farm is as homegrown as possible when it finally comes online.

The occasion was recorded in an informal manner by way of a social media post by Kongsberg Maritime, the technology provider responsible for equipping the innovative vessel. As such, the lifting of the turbine marks the latest step in Seoul working towards its long sought-after Renewable Energy 2030 Implementation Plan.

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