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Emission coupon dealer Belektron becomes Slovenia’s top company for sales

Slovenia-based Belektron’s primary focus is on carbon emission allowances.
Slovenia-based Belektron’s primary focus is on carbon emission allowances.

Slovenian dealer in emission coupons, Belektron, owned by businessman Bostjan Bandelj, emerged as the country's largest company in terms of sales with €3.16bn sales revenue for 2022, according to rankings published by Podjetna Slovenija magazine. 

Founded in 2008, Belektron’s primary focus is on carbon emission allowances. Its presence in the market has steadily grown, despite it not being located in a major European financial hub or backed by a larger banking or energy conglomerate. The company is a member of both the ICE and EEX exchanges, and an official market maker for the EEX spot and derivatives markets.

Belektron also led Podjetna Slovenija's ranking of companies by added value per employee, with a figure of €3.55mn, STAkrog reported on February 19.

It pays some of the highest salaries in Slovenia, although the highest average salary was at trade company Valiant, owned by Janez Lotric and Ksenija Pirs Stupan, at €7,303. 

The rankings include companies and groups owned by entrepreneurs who do business in Slovenia.

Following closely behind Belektron in terms of sales are other influential enterprises, including global distributor Orbico, owned by Branko Roglic, gold trader Moro & Kunst led by Irena Kunstelj Moro, Valiant, and dealer Jagros, under the ownership of the Jager family. 

Rounding out the top ten are Akrapovic, an exhaust systems manufacturer primarily owned by Igor Akrapovic; the industrial and construction company Riko, under the ownership of Janez Skrabac and Joz Dragan; ADK, a steel products manufacturer with equal ownership shared by Vili Sumer and Bogdan Spes; Rastoder, a hospitality and trade company belonging to Izet Rastoder and Hajrije Rastoder; and Rawino, a waste management company owned by Rastoder.

Akrapovic leads not only in manufacturing but also in employment, with 1,663 employees.