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REM covers information across all main renewable energy sources, including onshore and offshore wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, biofuels, hydro, wave, tidal and marine. It also gives insight into new and developing technologies such as algal biofuels and advanced storage, keeping our customers abreast of the latest updates and innovations relevant to any of the above sectors.

REM aims to alert readers and investors on the latest large-scale projects and IPOs, giving balanced coverage of potential global opportunities for investors and companies along the renewable energy supply chain.

In the renewables industry, policy can often dictate the fate of successful projects and investment – REM aims to provide detailed commentary and the latest news on regional issues and decision-making, from a supra-national level such as the European Commission, to national guidance such as the US EPA or Japan’s METI.

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YPF Luz to construct 200-MW photovoltaic solar park in Mendoza Province

22 July 2024

YPF Luz, a subsidiary of the Argentine national oil company YPF, announced the construction of the El Quemado 1 Photovoltaic Solar Park in Las Heras, Mendoza.

Stellantis launches electric car production in Serbia

22 July 2024

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), a subsidiary of the Stellantis group, will inaugurate the production of electric vehicles (EVs) at its modernised factory in Kragujevac, central Serbia, on July 22.

Hungary's solar capacity climbs over 6,700 MW

22 July 2024

Demand for new solar panels surged after the government reduced utility subsidies for households in August 2022.

Brazil's strategic R&D call for energy storage yields 11 patents

22 July 2024

A strategic call for research and development in energy storage in Brazil, known as call 21/2016 from the Research, Development, and Innovation Program, led to the publication of 11 patents and attracted BRL300mn in investments.

Wind power expansion in Brazil’s northeast faces residents' resistance

22 July 2024

Brazil's northeast rugged terrain and recurring droughts make the area unsuitable for commercial farming, but energy companies have found something valuable here: the wind.

Tonnes of dead fish appear in Brazilian river amid waste dumping allegations

22 July 2024

Several tonnes of fish have died along one of the main rivers in Brazil’s Sao Paulo state after the alleged illegal dumping of industrial waste from a sugar and ethanol plant, according to environmental authorities and prosecutors.

World Bank highlights future opportunities for offshore wind in Brazil

22 July 2024

The World Bank Group has released a study titled ‘Scenarios for offshore wind development in Brazil’, based on an analysis by DNV, a global energy and risk management expert, highlighting the opportunities for sector.

China erects Great Wall of solar panels in northern Kubuqi Desert region

22 July 2024

In a significant move to bolster renewable energy in northern China, a photovoltaic (PV) base boasting an installed capacity of 1mn kilowatts has commenced operations in the Kubuqi Desert

Electricity usage in Iran to rise dramatically amid heatwave

21 July 2024

Iran's Energy Minister Ali-Akbar Mehrabian sounded the alarm about a sudden spike in electricity demand amid an unprecedented surge in temperatures across the country in the next two weeks.

Rising carbon emissions will drive the clouds from the sky

20 July 2024

The clouds may disappear from the skies within the next century, which would cause temperatures to leap by as much as 12C and force most of humanity to move to the polar ice caps.

Popular Power unveils solar optimisation platform and secures $875,000 funding in Mexico

19 July 2024

Popular Power, a Mexico-based software firm, announced the official launch of its new platform designed to streamline monitoring, alerts, analytics, and performance tracking for solar companies engaged in distributed generation.

Heatwave sparks surge in electricity use in coal-dependent Balkans

18 July 2024

Vicious circle as increased use of electricity for air conditioners drives demand from coal-heavy power sector.

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