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REM covers information across all main renewable energy sources, including onshore and offshore wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, biofuels, hydro, wave, tidal and marine. It also gives insight into new and developing technologies such as algal biofuels and advanced storage, keeping our customers abreast of the latest updates and innovations relevant to any of the above sectors.

REM aims to alert readers and investors on the latest large-scale projects and IPOs, giving balanced coverage of potential global opportunities for investors and companies along the renewable energy supply chain.

In the renewables industry, policy can often dictate the fate of successful projects and investment – REM aims to provide detailed commentary and the latest news on regional issues and decision-making, from a supra-national level such as the European Commission, to national guidance such as the US EPA or Japan’s METI.

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Egypt abandons coal as renewables prove cheaper

9 April 2020

Egypt has abandoned its plans to build 6,600 MW of coal-fired capacity at Hamrawein

Woodside steps up pursuit of hydrogen export goals

9 April 2020

Australian oil and gas developer Woodside Petroleum has unveiled the next step in its ongoing development of a hydrogen export strategy.

innogy joins Taiwan’s offshore wind boom

8 April 2020

innogy has joined Asia Cement Corporation’s (ACC) 448-MW Chu Feng offshore wind project

Green growth outpaces fossil fuels, but more is needed from governments

8 April 2020

Global renewable generating capacity grew by 7.4% to 2,537 GW in 2019, bringing online 176 GW of new installations

Three Gorges’ $2.5bn IPO to fund offshore wind

8 April 2020

China Three Gorges (CTG) aims to raise CNY25bn ($3.5bn) through an IPO in Shanghai to help fund the construction of up to 2.2 GW of offshore wind capacity.

Scatec solar seals investment guarantee deal for Egypt’s Benban

2 April 2020

The World Bank’s Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) is to support Scatec Solar’s six new solar plants with 390 MW of capacity at Egypt’s Benban Solar Park.

Saudi oil surge and the threat to the energy transition

2 April 2020

The Saudi-led oil glut leaves the energy transition and decarbonisation efforts hanging in the balance

Eskom declares force majeure on IPP wind

2 April 2020

Eskom has declared force majeure on power supplies from wind IPPs

Renewables growth set to be lost in 2020

1 April 2020

The previously ambitious growth forecasts for solar and wind for 2020 now face being wiped out

China aims for massive 60-GW solar panel factory

1 April 2020

China’s GCL System Integration Technology (GCL-SI) is to spend $2.5bn on constructing a 60-GW capacity solar module factory

Vestas signs 363 MW of Chinese turbine deals

1 April 2020

Vestas has announced three major turbine deals in China in the last week amounting to a combined 363 MW

Japan misses chance to cut emissions ahead of COP26

1 April 2020

Japan has failed to commit to more emissions reductions in its NDC, while insisting it is on course to meet its 2030 commitments

Renewvia Energy brings in strategic investor for off-grid solar in Kenya and Nigeria

26 March 2020

Renewvia Energy brings in strategic investor for off-grid solar in Kenya and Nigeria

Scatec Solar begins to feel the impact of COVID-19

26 March 2020

Scatec Solar is starting to feel the operational impact of COVID-19

Global wind growth hit by COVID-19

25 March 2020

The global wind sector added 60.4 GW of new capacity in 2019, 19% more than 2018 installations, with 6.1 GW added offshore.

Global power demand falls 15%

24 March 2020

The current global COVID-19 crisis has highlighted how much the modern economy relies on electricity, the IEA has claimed.

Fred Olsen confirmed as installer of MHI Vestas turbines at CIP’s Changfang and Xidao wind farm

24 March 2020

Fred Olsen Windcarrier is to install 62 MHI Vestas turbines at the Changfang and Xidao (CFXD) wind farms off Taiwan

Indian Energy Minister allows green projects to invoke force majeure

24 March 2020

India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has allowed wind and solar projects hit by COVID-19 to invoke force majeure clauses

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