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GLNG: Mexico Pacific reveals plans to invest a further $15bn in LNG projects in northern Mexico

Mexico Pacific Ltd has unveiled bold ambitions to become a bigger player in the global LNG market with the announcement that a $15bn investment will be made in LNG projects in northern Mexico over the next two to three years, Mexico News Daily reports.

Speaking to the El Financiero newspaper, CEO Sarah Bairstow, who recently assumed the company’s top job in April, declared that the Houston-headquartered firm is in an expansion phase and will seek to build up its portfolio of LNG projects in northern Mexico once its Saguaro Energia LNG plant and Sierra Madre natural gas pipeline are completed either in 2028 or 2029.

Those two projects have already been given the green light and construction is expected to commence on both later this year. They come at a price tag of $15bn, bringing Mexico Pacific’s investment in the country to $30bn, making the firm the biggest investor in the country.

Indeed, the US company has signalled it is bullish on Mexico as an ideal location for LNG projects given the northern region’s ability to easily and cheaply access tremendous volumes of natural gas from the Permian Basin in west Texas and southeastern New Mexico.